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"1st Jingzhe International Ceramic Exhibition" & "World Contemporary Public Ceramic Art" Exhibition
Call for Entries - This exhibition of international ceramic works will be on display in Shanghai (Zhangjiang Modern Art Museum; Wison Art center), Beijing and Guangzhou and will tour China with important art museums. (English & )

National Center for Khmer Ceramics RevivalNational Center for Khmer Ceramics Revival
The National Center for Khmer Ceramics Revival is aimed at the revival of Cambodian ceramics. It is a non-profit and non-governmental organization aiming to rediscover and reintroduce Khmer ancestral pottery techniques and support the development of contemporary Khmer ceramic art.

World Contemporary Public Ceramic ArtWorld Contemporary Public Ceramic Art
Zhang Yushan’s book World Contemporary Public Ceramic Art addresses a very important aspect of world ceramic art hitherto not written about in China - that of public sculpture. His work is encyclopaedic in scope, spanning 30 countries on five continents.

Rascal WareRascal Ware, Yunomis and the Law of Unintended Consequences
This is the seventh chapter in a series of articles by Don Pilcher on some of the characters that have been inspiring him and helping him with creating his ceramic works. Please note: this article may be offensive to some readers.

Rebuilding Afghanistan Pot by Pot: The Potters of Istalif
A fascinating article on potters in Afghanistan, who are doing their bit to rebuild their war-torn country. Istalif has long been known for its traditional crafts. Its potters are getting back on their feet, with the help of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation.

Abundant Beauty
New York based designer and artist Alice Simpson takes us on a journey to the past when 'Fat Folk' were regular performers on the traveling carnival circuit. Her coil built figurative sculptures are inspired by postcards and other souvenirs from circus and carnival sideshows.

OnggiThe Onggi Potters of Korea
Onggi are traditional Korean earthenware vessels, used for the storage of pickled vegetables, bean pastes and soy sauces. Professor Emeritus Ron du Bois, who spent 18 months in Korea on a Fulbright scholarship fills us in on their meaning and method of production.

Rascal WareRascal Ware in Canton
Chapter five in the Rascal Ware story. See what dubious activities Georgette Ore & co have been up to. This time Rascal Ware is being exhibited in Canton. That would be Canton, Ohio, USA, not Canton, China... ;-)

The World Ceramic Exposition Foundation (WOCEF) initiated the World Ceramic Biennale Korea (CEBIKO) in 2001. The 4th World Ceramics Biennale is now in planning. Get your entries in quick - closing date is 6th October 2006.

CarougeCity of Carouge Prize 2007
The City of Carouge 2007 Prize will be awarded to the value of 10,000 Swiss francs (approximately 6300€). Other awards include the Bruckner Foundation Prize for the Advancement of Ceramics and a prize awarded by the Swiss Ceramics Association.

Japanese Ceramics Terminology
Morgan Pitelka, author of Handmade Culture: Raku Potters, Patrons and Tea Practitioners in Japan and Japanese Tea Culture: Art, History, and Practice, fills us in on the intricacies of Japanese Ceramics Terminology.

Ming underglaze copper-red vaseFeat of Clay
Uma Nair reports on Christie's Hong Kong's recent 'Imperial Sale', where a magnificent early Ming underglaze copper-red vase, "yuhuchunping", realized an astonishing HK$78,520,000 (US$10,207,600).

Paperclay Practice in Pakistan
Head of the Ceramic Design Department at the National College of Arts in Pakistan, Shazia Mirza, invited paperclay pioneer Graham Hay to spend a month working with her staff and students at their Lahore campus.

AberystwythAberystwyth Lifetime Achievement Awards
The International Ceramics Festival, Aberystwyth (Wales, UK) instigated a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1999. Past winners include Ray Finch, Mick Casson, Janet Mansfield, Warren McKenzie, David Leach and Janet & Frank Hamer.

Verge11th National Ceramics Conference, Brisbane, Australia
The conference's theme is "Sustainability for the Individual and the Collective". It aims to celebrate and debate contemporary ceramics practice and to look at what can be done to ensure a sustainable future for ceramics. Garth Clark will be delivering the keynote speech.

Rascal WareThe Rascal Ware Foot Fetish, by Georgette Ore
With their latest work, Don Pilcher, Georgette Ore, Mosely Bunkam and Junior Bucks get to stepping on some people's toes - maybe your's? In this article Pilcher tackles the seduction of the seashell - maybe a good topic for a PhD?

Andalucia's New Golden Pottery
Just a short drive north from the dazzling palaces and gardens of the Alhambra in southern Spain, there is a small town called Jun, which has a little palace of its own. Everyone knows About the Alhambra. Hardly anybody has heard of Jun, even in Granada.

Clay Studio MissoulaThe Clay Studio of Missoula
The Clay Studio of Missoula has established itself as a venue for a recognized artist-in-residence program, an internship with the local university, an internationally known exhibition space and many workshops and juried shows. Coming up soon: International Cup and Potsketch.

Indian art critic and curator Uma Nair discusses an exhibition showcasing 6 Indian and 12 international ceramic artists in Delhi. Included are Indian studio potters Vineet Kacker, Jyotsna Bhat and Vinod daroz, Brazilian-born British studio potter Marcio Mattos and Austrian raku artists Roland Summer to name a few.

Oversized Clay Heads and their Moulds
Gilda Oliver, ceramic artist and teacher at Baltimore Clayworks, Maryland, gives us an insight into her method for making large-scale clay heads with the help of a two-piece plaster mold.

Visible Crystals
Large crystals grown in a glaze may look like flowers, lichens or three-dimensional fans and feathers. Janet Hamer, co-author with Frank Hamer of The Potter’s Dictionary of Materials and Techniques, outlines the new glazes of Avril Farley and describes how these sculptural crystal shapes are formed.

Rascal Ware Vitreous Vicissitudes, by Georgette Ore
Don Pilcher presents Chapter 4 in his satirical, but profound 'Rascal Ware' series, in which he writes on the travails of studying ceramics, how Rascal Ware wins an award, and introduces 'resident philosopher, Mosley Bunkham'.

EwerAlternative Glaze Materials
Ever tried cat litter, antacid, Alka-Seltzer, Calgon or cement as a glaze colorant? No? US studio potter John Britt explains the use of alternative, non-traditional, locally available materials in his remarkable new experimental glazes. Recipes provided.

Potassium DichromatePotassium Dichromate Toxicology
Occupational & Environmental Medicine M.D. Edouard Bastarache fills us in on the toxicology of Potassium Dichromate, a colorant that should be used with extreme caution. Article available in French and English.

Terra Natura
Art critic and curator Uma Nair writes on the status of contemporary Indian ceramics. Her exhibition in Delhi includes promienent Indian ceramists P. Daroz, Kristine Michael, Vineet Kacker, Manisha Bhattacharya and Ela Mukherjee.

VAllaurisInternational Biennale of Contemporary Ceramics, Vallauris 2006
Vallauris, situauated near Cannes, has been a traditional French pottery region since ancient times. The area flourished at the end of the 19th century. Picasso worked with clay here from 1946–48. The town now hosts one of the world's great international ceramics biennales.

Marek CeculaThe Interstitial: The Dishes Are on the Floor (And Up the Wall)
New York artist, poet, curator and art critic John Perreault discusses how Marek Cecula is taking the tradition of the industrial ceramic decal one step further. Cecula was born in Poland and lived in Israel and Brazil, before settling in New York. He has since established a strong reputation as a conceptual artist.

The Arts & Crafts Movement in Europe and America, 1880–1920: Design for the Modern World
The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) will be hosting this groundbreaking exhibition organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). It is the first to demonstrate the significance of the widespread international Arts and Crafts movement of Europe and the United States.

New CeramicsNew Ceramics
In January 2005 a quiet transformation took place. The German Magazine Neue Keramik launched its new international, English language version New Ceramics, as well as a fully English language complimentary website.

Altpere-WoodheadMoments in Black and White
Maiju Altpere-Woodhead discusses the process of ceramic mono-printing. Her 'Moments in Black and White' series consists of an open-ended number of small cylindrical mono-printed porcelain forms that can be assembled randomly or selectively, swapping from group to group.

CardewMichael Cardew 1901-1980
A fascinating article by Liz Moloney on Michael Cardew and his time in Nigeria, West Africa. Cardew helped to establish stoneware production in the region and was instrumental in the development of modern West African studio pottery.

FlambeFlambé Magic
Studio potter and author of The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes John Britt investigates the appearance of mysterious crystals in his glaze slop, which eventually led to the development of a stunning range of flambé glazes.

Rascal Ware, Hairy Potter and Biloxi
The saga of the by now famous/infamous Georgette Ohr and her 'associates' continues. In this chapter, Georgette introduces the real Hairy Potter and some of his eccentric work made since joining the Rascal Ware Pottery.

Sidney MyerSidney Myer International Fund Ceramics Award
Since the demise of the Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award several years ago, the Sidney Myer International Fund has developed into the region's most prestigious ceramics award, attracting entries from renown ceramists around the world.

IndiaLarger than Life: The Terracotta Sculptures of India
Professor Emeritus Ron du Bois writes on his research in 1980 of the lost tradition of making massive terracotta horses - nine to fifteen feet or more in height - in southern India. His amazing article is complimented by a one minute video.

e-mommE-MOMM - The Development of Contemporary Tableware in Korea
A collaborative project to develop a tableware brand appropriate for the Korean life style and diet, including an exhibition organized by the Ewha Ceramics Research Institute at Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea.

Georgette Ore Introduces Rascal Ware
Georgette Ore continues to spin her yarn on Rascal Ware and her loveable colleagues. In this chapter, Georgette introduces 'Rascal Ware', as well as her so-called friends and throws in a few philosophical concepts while she's at it...

3rd World Ceramic Biennale 2005 Korea
The 3rd International Competition is one of the main events at the World Ceramic Biennale in Korea. This year's First Prize winner is Swiss ceramist Philippe Barde. All the 186 selected works including 26 works for the prize will be exhibited in the 3rd World Ceramic Biennale in Icheon, Korea from 23rd April to 19th June 2005.

KoieRyoji Koie - Ceramic Rebel
Janet Mansfield, editor of Ceramics Art & Perception and Ceramics Technical introduces us the the current work of Japanese master potter Ryoji Koie, who is well known for his figurative sculptures, museum installations and wheel-thrown pottery.

OreIntroducing Georgette Ore and Rascal Ware
Meet studio potter Georgette Ore and her employer Junior Bucks of Rascal Ware Pottery. Georgette, a (very) distant relative of George Ohr, just can't stop touching that clay. Any resemblance to living or deceased potters is purely intentional...

FaenzaFaenza Award Winners
On Monday 28th February 2005, the Jury of the 54th “Premio Faenza” – the International Competition of Contemporary Art, assessed the entries. The judges split the Premio Faenza 2005 between Italian-Argentine Silvia Zotta and Japanese Tomoko Kawakami equally.

A Postcard from... The Australian Desert
Pippin Drysdale's 'Boab tree' pots are inspired by the rugged landscape and unique vegetation of the Tanami Desert and the Kimberly Ranges. The Boab tree, with its swollen barrel trunk, is native to Western Australia.

Robert Yellin writes on Shodai-yaki, a type of Japanese pottery made near Mt.Shodai (Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture) from a rich iron-bearing clay with contrasting ash glazes.

NepalThe Last Water Jar
American studio potter and teacher Jim Danisch takes us on a journey to Thimi, Nepal, where he developed technology for glazed earthenware, trained Nepali potters and helped to establish about twenty-four independent workshops.

New Tendencies in Serbian Ceramics
Biljana Vukoti, Senior Custodian at the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade, takes us on a tour of contemporary Serbian ceramics and reviews an exhibition of Serbian works being held at the Ceramic Art Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

Bruce Howdle's Wall Murals
In this article, Wisconsin based artist Bruce Howdle explains step-by-step the procedure for creating his large-scale tile murals, some of which are 60 feet (20 m) long.

PipeWorking Big: Sculpting Industrial Clay Pipe
California artist Susannah Israel shares with us her experience creating art objects from industrial pipes at the Mission Clay pipe factory in Pittsburgh, Kansas in 2004.

The Seagrove International Ceramics Conference Crossroads will be held in Seagrove, North Carolina, USA from June 5-10, 2005 and A Celebration of the Seagrove Tradition from June 11-12, 2005.

CobaltA Problem with Cobalt?
Studio potter and author of Safety in the Ceramics Studio Jeff Zamek discusses the case of cobalt toxicity and its implications for the potter.

DeckThéodore Deck and the Islamic Style
This article by art historian Frederica Todd Harlow delves into the artistic and social background to famous French potter Théodore Deck's pioneer pottery in the 19th century.

Raw GlazeRaw Glazing: A Traditional Approach
Australian studio potter Leonard Smith writes on the merits and difficulties of the energy saving technique of raw-glazing, also known as 'once-firing'.

Poor PotterThe 'Poor Potter' of Yorktown, Virginia
Who was the poor potter? Research reveals he was Yorktown entrepreneur William Rogers, who was neither poor, nor a potter. He operated in Yorktown, Virginia, USA in the early 1700s.

The XV International Ceramic Symposium Panevežys 2004
Lithuania may be a small country with a mere 3.6 million inhabitants, but it has a vibrant ceramics community. Patrick Mateescu fills us in on the annual Panevežys Symposium, held June/July this year.

Nepalese pottersA Postcard from... Nepal
Feats of Clay - The story of the Prajapati potter community of Thimi, in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Working under adverse conditions, the potters of Thimi make earthenware utensils for the surrounding community.

Richard-GinoriMuseo Richard-Ginori
The Richard-Ginori museum in Sesto-Fiorentino, Italy houses one of Europe's great porcelain collections, with works ranging from the 18th century to the present.

Mamuro TakuArtist's Profile: Mamuro Taku
An essay by Kiyomi Noma on the work of Bizen potter Mamoru Taku, who makes 'Sangiri' (Oxidised),'Hidasuki' (Fire pattered), 'Botamochi' (Rice-cake patterned) and 'Goma' (Ash covered) Bizen wares.

OilspotOil Spot Glazes Demystified
If you thought oilspot effects were hard to achieve, read this article by North Carolina potter John Britt, who shows us just how easy it is.

TileZillij in Fez
The Moroccan city of Fez is filled with glittering crystals of art and architecture. Amongst its brightest jewels are the geometric tile works known as zillij.

Greek CeramicsAncient Greek Ceramics
Victor Bryant takes us back 3,500 years to survey the rich history of Greek ceramics - one of the great legacies of the anncient world.

Shannon GarsonHome Cooking - A Case for Handmade Tableware
What does hand made functional ware bring into our lives that a cheap, useful, factory-made bowl from Wal-Mart doesn't? Shannon Garson writes on the merits of the hand made object.

JingdezhenThrowing Classical Porcelain in Jingdezhen, China
Steve Brousseau fills us in on the history and processes of making porcelain in Jingdezhen, China - the porcelain capital of the world.

The Hungarian Connection
A selection of internationally known Hungarian artists demonstrates that country's reputation for originality.

ICS, HUngaryThe International Ceramics Studio
Located in Kecskemét, Hungary, the ICS offers an artist-in-residence program, as well as a ceramics museum with an extensive collection of world ceramics.

Art TileArt Tiles: Aesthetics of Pleasure
Contemporary tile artist Philip Read writes on the topic of the art tile, which has a long history of artistic and creative design.

AIR VallaurisA.I.R. Vallauris (Artists in Residence)
The non-profit Association welcomes international artists from all over the world to participate in an exciting artist-in-residence program.

Laura Andreson PapersLaura Andreson Papers
Laura Andreson was a distinguished American studio potter and teacher. Her personal papers are reproduced by kind permission of the Smithsonian Archives of American Art.

PorcelainJingdezhen 2004
In 2004 the City of Jingdezhen, the 'Porcelain Capital of the World', will host the world to celebrate 1000 years as a pottery production center.

Daphne CorreganDaphne Corregan - Artist's Profile
American-born Daphne Corregan now calls France her home. Inspired by Picasso, Miro and Matisse, she makes sculptural vessels that display a French sensibility.

Branfman raku Steven Branfman's Raku FAQs
Answers to some common and some not so common questions regarding raku by the author of Raku: A Practical Approach.

Carol RossmanCarol Rossman Precision Raku
Jonathan Smith investigates the technical precision and ideas behind the raku ceramics of Carol Rossman.

A Letter from Nigeria: A Saga of Synchronicity
Ron du Bois, Professor Emeritus of Art at Oklahoma State University describes his experiences making a documentary on African ceramics.

Teapot, Richard Notkin Titanium Dioxide
Edouard Bastarache fills us in on the toxicology of titanium dioxide, a common ceramic ingredient. Available in French and English.

Clay Modern
The Australian ceramics festival will take place in May 2004 in Gulgong, near Sydney, Australia.

RobineauCeramics at the MET
Selected works from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which has an extensive collection of ceramics.

Teapot, Richard Notkin The Slipcast Object
Steamboat Springs Arts Council is seeking entries for The Slipcast Object, an international exhibition, juried by Richard Notkin.

The Pottery Path of Tokoname
Let yourself be transported to Japan to wander the streets of the prominent pottery town of Tokoname!

ICSResidencies of the World
A review of some of the world's prominent ceramics residencies, from Kecskemét, Hungary, to Banff, Canada.

Danish Ceramics - The Turn of the Century
Tove Jespersen continues her series on the history of Danish ceramics with an article on the Kähler dynasty.

Where Have All The Tobys Gone?
Toby Jug expert Ron Earl discusses the merits of an underestimated antique - the lovable Toby, who comes in all shapes and sizes.

The Second Letter of Père d'Entrecolles
Ten years after his first letter on the secrets of Chinese porcelain, Père d'Entrecolles added various corrections to his initial observations.

A Postcard from Kanazawa, Japan
Interested in Japanese ceramics, the tea ceremony or Japanese culture in general? 'Japanese Culture Seen in Kanazawa' has that and much more to offer!

Salt & Soda
Glazing techniques, old and contemporary, similar, but different. Salt-glazing has been around since the 15th century, soda-glazing since the 1970s.

Applying engobeEngobes
What is an engobe? A liquid clay slip applied to the surface of a clay object, e.g. a pot. Article includes a recipe and color chart.

Westerwald PrizeWesterwald Prize - 2004
The German Westerwald ceramics prize has established itself as a major European ceramics competition.

Book Review: Getting to Know Your Toby Jug
Toby Jugs - ah, you've got to love 'em! In his book, Ron Earl tells more about the beloved English curio.

Dream KilnBuilding My Dream Kiln
Michelle Lowe of Desert Dragon Pottery describes building her 'Dream Kiln', a down-draft, gas-fired car kiln.

Mudi-Pie DilemmaThe Mud-Pie Dilemma by John Nance
John Nance's book follows the day to day struggles of American potter Tom Coleman, who has eight weeks to make 100 pieces of work for a major show.

Vessels by Thomas HoadleyVessels, Boxes & Baskets 2003 & 2 a Tea
Function+Art Gallery of Chicago Illinois announce two shows based on the vessel and the teapot - Vessels, Boxes & Baskets 2003' & ' "2 a Tea.

The True Tale of How One Man's Horse Enabled the Discovery of European Porcelain
How a horse's sticking hooves led to one of the most important European discoveries of the 18th C., as told by Joseph Marryat.

The Lowe Features A Ceramic Continuum: Fifty Years Of The Archie Bray Influence
Fifty Years of the Archie Bray Influence will be on exhibition at the Lowe Art Museum, Miami, from September 20 through November 9, 2003.

Why trhowing?Why On Earth Do They Call It Throwing?
Dennis Krueger takes us on a linguistic exploration of some of the English pottery terms we take for granted - 'throwing', 'wedging', 'slip' and more.

Zelli Zelli Porcelain Award
The leading independent UK specialist in figurative porcelain announces the second year of the Zelli Porcelain Award.

Milton Moon's Anagama Flame, Smoke and Flying Ash
Australian potter Milton Moon draws inspiration from a visit to Japan, when building a small anagama kiln in the back yard of his studio.

Ethiopian pottersSculpting their Dreams - Ethiopian Artists in Israel
Sara Hakkert tells the story of the Jewish potters of Ethiopia, Beit Israel, said to be one of the ten lost tribes of ancient Israelites.

By now, most people are familiar with the concept of paperclay, but not many have heard of or tried out paperslip. Can paper be successfully added to slip?

RakuRaku Firing on the Web
Helen Bates has scoured the World Wide Web to find the best Raku sites on the Net! Find out what's happening from Sainte-Foy, Quebec to Perth, Australia.

Surface tension in GlazesSurface Tension and Glazing
What is surface tension? How does it effect glaze application? Smart.Conseil fills us in on this important aspect of glaze technology. French & English (15 August 2003)

ASU Ceramics Research Center In the Spotlight: ASU Ceramics Research Center
The Ceramics Research Center, houses and displays the Arizona State University Art Museum’s extensive ceramic collection of more than 3,000 objects

Water JugImages of Water Jugs
Mediterranean water jugs have featured prominently in fine art painting throughout the ages. An exhibition being held in Argentona, near Barcelona, Spain, examines this phenomenon.

Puzzle Mug cross sectionHow to Make a Puzzle Mug
Delia Robinson and Jennifer Boyer team up to show us how to make these delightful puzzle mugs and whistle cups.

Eurpean Tile StoveThe Tile Stove
This article explores the history of the traditional energy-efficient tile stove - common in central Europe, but little known in Anglo-saxon countries such as the USA and Britain. English & German.

Puzzle JugIn Their Cups
Delia Robinson tells us the charming story of the English Puzzle Mug, which was the source of much merriment in English taverns in the days of old.

NeversArms of Light of Nevers
Olivier Estienne, author of ceramicscollector.com, tells us about these typically French candle-holding wall plaques. French & English.

Pottery BoxThe Pottery Box
Wrapping in Japan is a very serious business and Japanese pottery boxes are works of art in their own right. Report by Robert Yellin.

AmmoniaAmmonia and Latex
Edouard Basytarche and Smart Conseil team up to tell us about the possible dangers to potters using ammonia and latex. French & English

Sumerian Potter's WheelThe Origins of the Potter's Wheel
Potter and educator Victor Bryant tells the story of the potter's wheel, which dates back to ancient times, probably originating in the Middle East around 6000 BP.

Book ReviewBook Review: With a Little Help From My Friends
Tom Coleman has gathered together an impressive crew of potters, who share their experiences, knowledge and clay and glaze recipes in this manual for the studio potter.

Danico PotteryPotteries and Potters around Horsens
Tove Jesperson continues her tour of famous Danish potteries with a look at 20th C. ceramics manufacture at Horsens on the east coast of Jutland.

Sidney Myer Fund, SheppartonThe Sidney Myer Fund International Ceramics Award
The Sidney Myer Fund International Ceramics Award, held in Shepparton, Australia, is a major international ceramics award held in the southern hemisphere.

PaperclayPorcelain Paperclay
Gaye Stevens shares the results of a research project into the properties and capabilities of making paperclay with porcelain.

TeePee firingHow to do a TeePee Firing
Judy Armstrong and Jan Barnes demonstrate how to do this outdoor firing technique in this pictorial step-by-step article.

Koie RyojiInterview with Koie Ryoji
Master potter Koie Ryoji a "professor of clay and fire" who has made some of Japan's most spectacular ceramic art ever seen. Interview and story are by Yokoya Hideko.

SubstitutionsSubstitutions for Raw Ceramic Materials
Edouard Bastarache's book is a 'tour de force' of substitutions of raw ceramic materials, giving clear and easy directions on substitutions for 14 common materials.


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