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City of Carouge Prize 2007
Deadline: March 26, 2007


Theme: A Pitcher

The Object of the Competition

1. The City of Carouge (Geneva) organizes an open biennial competition in ceramics.

The City of Carouge 2007 Prize will be awarded to the value of 10,000 Swiss francs (approximately 6300€). Other awards include the Bruckner Foundation Prize for the Advancement of Ceramics, 2,000 Swiss francs (approximately 1300€) and a prize awarded by the Swiss Ceramics Association to the value of 1,000 Swiss francs (approximately 630€).

For the year 2007, the object to be presented by the competitors is a pitcher (jug).

2. Competitors may deposit one project each, presenting no more than one object, of which he or she must be the creator. The object must be an original and recently created work.

  • The work must be in ceramics; the use of lava, cement or any other material is not acceptable.
  • The object may be incised, stamped, enamelled (except by synthetic enamelling) engraved or painted.
  • In order to maintain anonymity, the object should bear no signature or distinctive mark.
  • No dimension of the object should exceed 40 cm.

3. Collective work presented by two or more creators (ceramists or designers) is acceptable. This however, must be clearly stipulated on the application form, with the names of all the artists involved.

Registration Formalities

4. All competitors are to send in the enclosed registration form (or a photocopy) completed and legibly written, signed and with the following attachments only:

  • a short curriculum vitae consisting of one typewritten page, in either French, English, German or Italian, including information on training and most important shows
  • two color photographs of good quality, printed on photographic paper, no bigger than A5 format (148 × 210 mm), showing the object from two different angles on a light background.

The completed application package must reach the following address by March 26, 2007:

c/o Mairie de Carouge
Case postale
CH – 1227 CAROUGE – Switzerland

Any application received incomplete or beyond the stipulated date will not be taken into consideration. The application papers will not be returned.


5. A selection jury, nominated by the Municipal Council of the City of Carouge will judge the projects presented. Evaluation will be based on aesthetic qualities (form and decoration), originality, functionality and technical mastery.

Any work that does not meet these conditions, and those mentioned in article no 2, will not be accepted.

The same jury will award the City of Carouge Prize and all other prizes available to it upon appraisal of the received and selected works. The decisions of the jury are final and require no justification.

The jury is under no obligation to award any one of the prizes.

The list of selected competitors will be available on the City of Carouge website (www.carouge.ch) as from May 30, 2007. Only selected competitors will receive confirmation by mail.

The Exhibition

6. The works of selected competitors only will be shown in the Musée de Carouge from September 22 to November 11, 2007. The organization committee is solely responsible for putting on the show.

Prizes will be awarded on Saturday, September 22, 2007 the opening day of the exhibition.

Conditions of participation

7. The City of Carouge undertakes to deal with the following:

  • all expenses inherent to the exhibition and the promotion thereof
  • insurance of the exhibited works for the duration of the exhibition, based on the value attributed by the artist
  • Swiss customs’ formalities
  • expenses incurred in returning works (not including transport insurance)
  • printing of an illustrated catalogue.
  • Invited artists must undertake:
  • to send the works to Carouge by post only
  • to insure the works during their transport to and from the Museum
  • to pay all expenses due to Customs in their country of origin.

The City of Carouge cannot be held responsible for any object damaged or destroyed in transit. If an object arrives damaged, the Museum will have it professionally restored at best to allow exhibition.

8. All competitors undertake:

  • to provide good quality photographic prints on paper. The photographs of selected works will be reproduced in the catalogue published for the exhibition
  • to present an original work produced by themselves or in collaboration with other artists
  • to agree that the photographs of his or her work may be reproduced, free of all rights, and used for the exhibition or for the promotion of the competition
  • to send, if selected, the work presented in the project within the requested time limit.

9. The City of Carouge award-winning work automatically becomes the property of the collection of the Musée de Carouge.

10. By the mere fact of submitting their project, competitors are understood to have thereby accepted the rules. In case of litigation, the Tribunal de Première Instance of the Canton of Geneva has exclusive competence to settle the issue.

Download application form (pdf): English, German, French, Italian.

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