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International Cup & Potsketch
The Clay Studio of Missoula


International Cup / Potsketch

The Clay Studio of Missoula is a non-profit facility nestled in the mountainous region of Montana USA. Five students, who graduated from the University of Montana, established the facility eight years ago 'to expand and further develop the explorations of clay'. They set up children and adult classes in order to generate funds to acquire equipment and pay the rent.

The Clay Studio of Missoula's goals are to provide a quality work environment for all levels of clay artists made affordable through group sharing, to provide high level personal instruction for those starting out or those with particular inquiry, and to offer work space for the more mature artist who may not be able to afford the high costs of a private studio.

Four years ago Jayson Lawfer was brought on board as the Executive Director. During that time Jayson established an artist-in-residence program, an internship with the local university, built an internationally known exhibition space, and set up many workshops and juried shows.


– Application must be RECEIVED no later than April 20, 2006
– Notification will be mailed May 10, 2006
– Exhibition dates: June 22– July 22, 2006

– Open to artists worldwide
– Size may not exceed 20 inches or 15 lbs.
– Work must be made primarily of clay

– Can enter up to two pieces
– All exhibited work must be for sale
– Work which differs from the submitted slides will be
– Non adherence to rules may be cause for disquali.cation

– $20 for 1 entry
– $25 for 2 entries

– 40% commission will be charged on all sales

– The artist is responsible for freight and insurance on
the work to and from Missoula, MT. The organizers are
responsible for insurance during the exhibition

– Slides must be 35mm color in cardboard or plastic mounts
– Label each slide with:

  1. artist name
  2. HxWxD (in inches)
  3. title of work
  4. A or B to coincide with entry
  5. an arrow to show the top of the slide

–Digital image must be in jpeg or tiff format on CD

  • CD case must be labeled with the above information about each piece.


Download above details as printable PDF file.


An annual fundraiser to expand and further develop facilities and programs. Potsketch is an online and live auction of original drawings by national and international artists. Bidding can be done online and/or in person at our exhibition space. All rules and regulations can be found on our website. Proxy bids are accepted.

April 7 – Opening reception at The Clay Studio of Missoula
April 7 through 29 – Online and live bidding

Missoula, May 6 – Auction Gala. This year’s event will be held downtown Missoula in the historic Florence building. The evening will consist of live music, drawings, exquisite food, and an opportunity to make bids on the drawings.


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