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Westerwald Prize - 2004
European Ceramics

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The Westerwald Prize 2004 opened on 25th September 2004 and continues until 6 January 2005, at the Westerwald Ceramics Museum in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany. For associated activities, please visit the Westerwald Ceramics Museum website (German language only).

Thomas BuchmannThe Westerwald Prize - was initially awarded every two years, later every three - is taking place in 2004 for the eleventh time. Outstanding ceramic art and craftwork is to be shown and distinguished with prizes in the competition and the exhibition. In 1999, ceramists from all the member countries of the European Union were admitted. More than 900 ceramists entered.

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The jury - Peter-Paul Weinert, Chief Administrative Officer of the Westerwald Region, Nino Caruso, ceramist, Italy, Astrid Gerhartz, ceramist, Bonn, Prof. Gerda Fassl, sculptor, Vienna, and Dr Oliver Watson, art historian, London, awarded prizes to the following:
Valda Podkalne, Latvia, and Jorgen Hansen, Denmark, received prizes for sculpture and the vessel.

Martin GeorgJane HamlynPeter Geymeier

The prize for saltglazed stoneware was shared by Martin Georg from Höhr-Grenzhausen and Jane Hamlyn, UK. The prize for serially produced ceramics was shared by Monika Geulig from Ransbach-Baumbach, Peter Geymeier from Schwarzenbach, both Germany, and Judith Rataitz from Austria. The talent award for young ceramists up to 35 was shared equally by Thomas Buchmann form Halle and Nele Zander from Hamburg.

Monika GeuligThomas BuchmannJudith Rataitz

The following jury members have now been appointed for the 11th Westerwald Prize:

  1. Mr Peter-Paul Weinert, Chief Administrative Officer of the Westerwald Region
  2. Prof. Márta Nagy, ceramist, Hungary
  3. Ms Renée Reichenbach, ceramist, Germany
  4. Prof. Tony Franks, President of the Académie Internationale de la Céramique, Genf, Switzerland.
  5. Ms Janet Mansfield, Art and Perception, Australia
  6. Prof. Günter Praschak, ceramist, Austria
  7. Ms Monika Gass, Keramikmuseum Westerwald

Martin GeorgAs in 1999, the patron of the exhibition will be Mr Kurt Beck, Prime Minister of the Rhineland Palatinate.

In 2004, in spite of financially difficult times, five prizes are to be awarded for outstanding ceramic work in the following areas:

  • Sculptural ceramics and conceptual work
  • The vessel: form and decor
  • Serially produced ceramics
  • The Höhr-Grenzhausen municipal prize for saltglazed stoneware or saltglazed porcelain
  • Talent award for young ceramists up to the age of 35
    (applicable for all categories)?
    Only one application in any one of the above categories is possible.

Four prizes to the value of EUR 5,000 and the talent award of EUR 4,000 are awarded.

The Westerwald region is the promoter; the organisation and planning are in the hands of the Keramikmuseum Westerwald.

Judith RataitzThe deadline for entries and the submission of photographs was 11 January 2004. The exhibition opened in September 2004. Duration of the exhibition: September 2004 - January 2005. On the day after the opening of the exhibition, a colloquium with guest speakers is to take place.

Keramikmuseum Westerwald
D-56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen
Tel.: +49 (0) 2624-946010, Fax: +49 (0) 2624-9460120

The conditions of entry as well as the entry forms are available as downloads on the website of the Keramikmuseum Westerwald at

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