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Michael Baueermeister - WoodJohn Chiles - GlassN. Slagle - T potHoadley - CeramicS. Hansen - T pot

Function+Art, a Chicago, IL gallery specializing in contemporary studio furniture,
fine craft and the decorative arts announces its upcoming exhibition:

"Vessels, Boxes & Baskets 2003"(thru 11/4)
"2 a Tea" (thru 12/27)

Special SOFA Reception: October 18, 7-10pm

Anne One of our signature exhibitions returns with an added twist: an exhibition within an exhibition. VBB will, as usual, feature works in all media which fit the definition of a Box, a Vessel, or a Basket… by selected artists nationwide. This year, in coordination with the Chicago Cultural Center’s mounting of "The Artful Teapot", VBB will also incorporate a special grouping of teapots, "2 a Tea", which will remain on exhibition through the end of Doris Messick - Fiberthe year.

(opens 10/10)

VBB is intended to present a survey or "snapshot" of established and mid-career artisans’ current work, and encompasses all major disciplines: ceramic, glass, wood, metals, and fiber. Perhaps more than any of our other shows, VBB has been about the object and craftsmanship. The definitions of a vessel, a box, or a basket are broad, and here the function is implied but rarely consummated. These works are about themselves. Transcending their utilitarian origins to achieve greater identity, meaning, and significance. At this level, the object may be seen more easily as sculpture.

Partial Artist listing (as of 9/15/03)

Patrick Dragon, Thomas Hoadley, Stephen Merritt, James Spiroff, Garry Price, Peter Hessemer
John Chiles, Christian Thirion, Ralph Mossman, Brian Russell, Bandhu Dunham
Michael Bauermeister, Dennis Elliott, Jack Alberti, Peter Petrochko, Michael Mode, Cory Robinson, Andy Buck, Todd Wolfe, Jack & Linda Fifield
Jim Cole, Joseph Brandom, Anne Hallam, Dale Wedig, Cynthia Eid, Frederick Crist, Nancy Slagle
Susan kavicky, Kari Lonning, Doris Messick, Linda Fifield
Steven Pearson (yes... paintings of boxes!)
For more detail and additional images (web & print quality)
Please click on the medium listings

2 a TEA
(opens 10/10; Special Reception 10/18, 6-9pm)

Inspired by the Cultural Center’s hosting of "The Artful Teapot", we expect to present between 30 and 50 teapots ranging from the precious to the whimsical - including works by a number of the artists represented in the Kamm collection such as: Michael & Maureen Banner, Stephen Hansen, Jared Jaffe, and Stephen Fabrico. Paradoxically, the added constraint of the label ‘teapot" seems to allow artists much more freedom to create, to entertain, and to have fun!

Confirmed participants (as of 9/15/03)
M= Metal
  Artists with work in the Kamm Collection
Lisa Slovis (M)   Michael & Maureen Banner (M)
Fong Choo (C)   Jared Jaffe (C)
Nancy Slagle (C)   Richard Swanson (C)
Mike Haley/Susy Siegele (C)   Ismael Gonzalez (MM)
Joe Klingler (C)   Steven Fabrico (C)
Christian Thirion (G)   Ellen Jantzen (C)
Lisa Harris (C)   Stephen Hansen (C)
Kathy Triplett (C) Bonnie Seeman (C)

046 W. Fulton Market | 312 / 243-2780 | http://www.functionart.com

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