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1-2-3 Native American Indian Pottery & Gifts
offer an extensive collection of hand painted American Indian art from the high plateau country of the West.

16 hands
16 hands is a group of 7 potters and 1 woodworker who live in southwestern Virginia. We have a studio tour together with 2 yearly sales.

Abright, Bill
American ceramist making expressive figurative sculpture. Inspired by Paleobiology, his work focuses on animal forms, fish, insects and the human figure, oftern morphing species or combining elements from different biological sources.

Aftosa Pottery & Craft Supplies
a wholesale supplier of ceramic and craft supplies.

All Fired Up -- Works in Clay
Stoneware and porcelain both functional and decorative by Richard & Patti Schneider.

Alquilar, Maria
Maria's ceramic art is known for its vibrant glazes in both high and low fire sculptures as well as the variety and depth of the subjects that range from nature to ethnic and narrative.

Alsager Pottery
Traditional English slipware.

Ami Karen
Ami runs the Mudhouse studio in Chicago, making ceramic sculpture in combination with mosaics.

Amsterlaw, Bill
Physician turned stoneware potter, Keene, NY.

American Shinos
French only site on American Shino wares.

Ami Karen
Ceramic sculpture in combination with mosaics.

Anagama Mama
California-based Bonita Cohn makes wheel-thrown anagama potter as well as teaching at Ruby O'Bukre's Clay Studio.

Anderson Tamiko
Tamiko is a ceramic and pottery artist in Houston Texas specializing in wheel thrown and hand built stoneware.

Andy Goldschmidt
Sculptural ceramics and a simple but nicely designed site.

Angela Smith
Weaves fabrik textures and stones into her Raku work.

Appalachian Center for Crafts in Tennessee
The Appalachian Center for Crafts is a nationally renowned facility dedicated to expanding the influence of craft on contemporary art while preserving craft traditions. The Craft Center offers top quality academic and professional programs in fine craft (ceramics, fibers, glass, metals and wood), including the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and professional craft certificates.

Arealles Ceramics
Ceramic figurines for sale and crafters resources at Arealles Ceramics! Old world santas, southwestern ceramics, angels, etc.! Free ceramic show date listings, kiln, and mold tips!

Art Schools.com
An online art school & program directory.

Virtual Online art gallery exhibition with an outdoor art festival appeal. Browse and buy art online: paintings, juried art, photography, sculpture, jewelry.

Axner Online
Online supplier of clays, glazes, stains books and accessories. A showroom is located at Oviedo, FL, USA.

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