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Ceramics in the USA
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Dogwood Ceramic Supply's
Large selection of kilns, glazes, clay, wheels, molds, bisque and greenware for the ceramist and potter

Domestic Temple
an online source for exclusive imports of handpainted majolica, lamps and furniture.

Don Clarke's Kiln Page
follows the construction of a twin-arch naborigama kiln by four potters.

Doner, Kristin
Stylish, hand-built vessels with a 'primitive' feel to them.

Dreaming Dog Pottery's Online Studio
Pottery with presence, thrown around your subtext.

Dubov, Stephen
Stephen Dubov is serving a sentence for cocain possession - he has been making fine art ceramics even under those difficult circumstances.

Purchase Duncan ceramic products, including glazes, underglazes, acrylic paints, stains and sprays that will make your ceramic project perfect. Includes how to use the products.

Dunshee, Barbara
Dunshee creates sculptural and functional pottery using porcelain, stoneware and terra cotta. Located in Seattle.

Earthstone Gallery and Pottery Lessons
Enjoy one-on-one pottery lessons in a Santa Monica studio.

East Valley Supply
Ceramic repairs with an epoxy that works like potters clay. With COLORKIT the epoxy can be easily colored.

A place to buy ceramic knives.
Ceramic is an amazingly versatile material. Ceramic can be made into something as delicate as a teacup or as durable as the protective armor on the Space Shuttle. In fact, many high-tech ceramics such as the zirconium oxide used in the knives and tools we offer were invented to perform in industrial settings where metal parts fail.

Egg Lamps
Made to satisfy the demand for customized lighting products, Egg Lamps are available in 129 colors. The lamps are made of a glossy or matte ceramic earthenware egg and brushed metal lamp assembly. They are a light source at night and sculpture during the day.

store featuring a large selection of functional American studio pottery and unususal gift ideas in wood, metal and glass

A chimerical web outpost for artists, artisans, and object hounds, Epot features auctions, reverse auctions, forums, and classifieds. Think of it as an art gallery, parking-lot flea, and crafts fair. A casbah. Handmade, original, often quirky artwork, along with books, supplies, collectibles, toys, and other cultural residue. An entrepot. Epot.

Eric Van Eimeren
Functional ceramic art and pottery. Elaborate, sculptural serving pieces, teapots, cups, etc...

Esti Goichman
ceramic art & sculpture

Evening Moon Porcelain Art
Ceramic porcelain pottery and jewelry at any time, and at the lowest possible price.

FC Pots
Potter in Cincinnati, Ohio with pictures of work.

Ferguson, Tony
Anagama Clay Artist and 2002 - 2003 Recipient of the annual arac McKnight Artist Fellowship.

Fine Craft Network
A comprehensive resource, directory, and community for creators and lovers of fine contemporary craft.

Fire and Mud Ceramics
Pottery classes for beginners and advanced -- in Hallandale, FL.

Fired Up Studios
Fired Up Studios provides studio space, studio equipment, glazes, firing services, and gallery space for ceramists and potters. Fired Up is a for profit organization offering studio memberships to individuals at a starting price of $80.00 per Month.

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