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Ceramics in the USA
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Specific Surface Corporation
Specific Surface uses advanced computer controlled technology called CeraPrint™ based on Three Dimensional Printing™ (3DP™) to manufacture advanced filters and substrates for industrial and diesel exhaust applications.

Speers, Jim
Hand made functional works in stoneware and porcelain and one off pieces, as well as Virtual Ceramics.

Spencer, Cynthia
Vessels and sculptural work. Located in Oregon, USA.

Spiritkeeper Urns
Judy Motzkin creates vessels specifically directed to people who need urns for cremation ashes.

Staffel, Bonnie
My career spans 54 years creating pottery from earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, smoke fire and pit firing. I am focusing on low fire copper reduction and pit firing this year. My passion for clay is unending and hope to continue the rest of my life.

Star, Ron
Gouges and slashes his large scale stoneware vessels, which are reminiscent of Peter Voukos' work.

StarWolf Jossy
Each hand created work of art in Star's Earthen Creations, was inspired by something in nature.

Stichter, Beth Cavener
A surrealist vision of the natural world (ceramic sculpture).

Stratemeyer, Art & Betsy
These North Carolina potters have set up a site with works featuring Jim Lux, Mark Hewitt, Val Cushing and the National Teapot Show IV (1999).

Stray Cat Enterprises
A gallery displaying handmade Caribbean underwater design ceramic gifts, art, tile. murals. learn the tile making process and meet the artist Donna Roes United States Virgin Islands - maintained by Donna and Ray

Studio Leroux
Leslie and Cassiel Leroux spacialize in raku.

Studio You
a paint your own ceramics studio, offering a comfortable cafe-style atmosphere with over 48 colors of paint and hundreds of pieces of bisque -- Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Sutton, Adam
Northern Michigan potter specializing in uniquely constructing one of a kind ceramic djembes, hand-drums, ceramic instruments and many other ceramic musical oddities.

Tall, Cheryl A.
Figurative narrative large scale hand built sculptural ceramic work.

Tarantino, Claudia
Claudia works exclusively in porcelain and uses the vessel format as a springboard for personal expression. The work alludes to function but the intent is purely sculptural. Organic forms and the artistry and complexity of nature inspire her work. Imagine ripe fruit and vegetables, bursting with sweetness and nutrition...

Tara Productions
A range of high-quality instructional videos for potters at all levels.

Teddy Bear Molds
Manufacturing Quality ceramic molds for the hobby ceramic industry.

Terlip, John
Visual Clay Art represents the work of John Terlip. It contains a flash
intro with artist information, gallery shots and technical process. Location: Florida.

Terrapin Tile Handmade Tile and Pottery
Handcrafted Stoneware and Pottery

The studio of artists, James H Shepard, and Suzanne Sloan Lewis.

The Kiln Elements Company
Replacement elements for electric kilns - 20 years of professional experience in kiln element production.

Thomas, Stephanie
Handbuilt works in clay for home and garden, as well as figurative sculptures. Bright, whimsical low fired earthenware bird baths, bird houses and boxes for outside. Earthy, warm high fired stoneware for home and table.

Thompson, Kevin
Functional and decorative pottery. Hand thrown raku pottery. Contemporary Porcelain dinnerware pottery,ergonomic mugs, bowls, plates, dip and pate' servers, and more!

Thompson, Valerie
Ethnic and primitive art themed ceramic plate sculptures.

Three Elements Pottery
unusual items made of earth, water and fire - Somerville, Massachusetts

Tile Canvases
Custom designed ceramic tile murals and creators of Tilography - Tucson, AZ

Tiles on the Web
Tom Colson's site is the definitive source for stuff on tiles on the web!

Toole, Barbara
I make functional pottery that is food safe, dishwasher safe, and can be put in the microwave. All pieces are made in my studio here on Nantucket. I also do special orders and sets of dishes.

Toscana Ceramics.com
direct importers of exquisite handpainted Italian Ceramics from the Tuscan and Umbrian Regions of Italy

Touching Stone Gallery
Showcases traditional Japanese ceramics in simple Southwestern setting.

Townsend, Brenda
Raku tile artist, located at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town, Alexandria, Studio #22.

Traylor, David
Sculptural ceramics exploring ideas of presence and place. These hand built stoneware sculptures include filled vessels, stones, buoys and plumb bobs.

Tsubo Expo
Authentic wheel thrown pottery by Michael O Stephens II - featuring large jars, bowls, sake sets, tableware, also available for commissioned projects.

Tufty Ceramics
Tufty Ceramics presents cookware with the patented terra sigillata coating. The superfine surface of tiny crushed clay particles prevents food from sticking. Also represented are art pieces in the Portfolio section.

Turner, Ken
Decorative porcelain and stoneware, thrown and handbuilt vessels and platters with 23k gold and platinum fired to the surface. Turner shares his techniques in large sequence of photographs

Valentine Ceramics
Ceramics classes in Albion, NY. Morning, evening and full day classes available.

VanNess Studios
Sgraffito carved stoneware in celtic/medieval designs.

Youngberg, Trevor
U tilitarian and horticultural pots for a growing audience of pottery enthusiasts.

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