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Ama Menec
My aim in producing the work I do is to celebrate the beauty of fat women, demonstrating that we can be active, dynamic, joyful, sexy, and energetic.

Amatrix Studio
Handcrafted ceramic mosaics and tilesby D. Franchi Hofstaedter which celebrate the feminine spirit.

Barash, Shulamit ('Shula')
Ceramic sculptor Shulamit Barash was born in Ramat-Hasharon in 1943. She has lived in Ashdod since 1963. She is a member of the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association, as well as that of Ashdod.

Beatrice Wood
Renown American ceramic artist who produced lusterware.

The Ceramics of Ráquira, Colombia
Book Review: Ronald Duncan explores the ways that male gender power combined with capitalism to bring about sweeping economic changes and the transformation of a centuries-old tradition of women's ceramics in the Andes.

Ruth Duckworth
Monograph by Jo Lauria and Tony Birks, published by Lund Humphries. This first major monograph, which accompanies an international touring exhibition, provides a long-overdue assessment of Duckworth's significance.

Gendered Vessels, Women And Ceramics
draws on the collections in Aberystwyth and seeks to illustrate the relationship of women and ceramics with special reference to contemporary work.

Green, Earline
Quilts of clay, figures, vessels, including 'fertility vessels'. It is Earline's mission to use clay to document the contributions of my African American ancestry through figures, other sculptural forms and vessels.

Halldorsdottir, Gudrun
Icelandic ceramic sculptor living and working in the USA. Her themes are universal a celebration of nature, humanity and most especially the essence of female creativity in all its forms.

Harlan, Nancy
Ceramic art from ceramic artist Mudcrone aka Nancy, explores social issues concerning women including female genital mutilation, footbinding, Afghanistan women and the Taliban.

Hook, Sally
No pretense to social or political issues here, just ceramic imagery of the woman, amongst other more functional work.

IMAN -- International Musimah Artists Network
From IMAN's Objectives: "To increase public awareness of the many skills, artistic achievements, and professional roles of Muslim women throughout the world, and in so doing to challenge the widespread, falsely negative images of Muslim women which are perpetuated by the media."

La Terra e il Fuoco
Laboratorio di Arte Spirituale di Giovanna Bellini. Arte ceramica, gioielli runici, ceramica raku, stage e seminari. Macromedia Flash required.

National Museum of Women in the Arts
Probably the only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to recognizing the contributions of women artists.

Newcomb Pottery
In 1894 young faculty from the H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College (Tulane University in New Orleans, LA) established an ambitious, ground-breaking program of vocational training for young women artists. The program was an experiment to closely entwine the fine arts curriculum with a commercial enterprise. The goal was to provide employment for graduates when there were few work opportunities for women.

Original SIN Designs
Artist Sarah Noebels produces both functional ware and one of a kind sculptural pieces from stoneware highly decorated with majolica glazes.One of a kind sculptures deal with the female form.

Prehistoric Jomon Women Potters
Early ceramics were often made by women, as is probably the case with early Japanese ceramics from the jomon period.

Swiss Society of Visual Women Artists
Multilingual - German, Franch, Italian.

Tilley, Lorna
My work is mostly figurative, feminist and based on telling stories or reinterpreting history and myth. I want it speak with strength and joy and defiance and humour, and to reflect an underlying philosophy of commitment to social justice, humanism and collective responsibility.

Women's International Center
Strives to acknowledge, honor and encourage women, to celebrate women and their positive, enduring contributions to humanity through the Living Legacy Awards.

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