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The Art of Tea
A one-hour documentary for television scheduled for completion in late 2002.

The Teapot - A Ceramic Cultural Item
Over the centuries, the teapot has become a major cultural item. Originally from the Orient, the humble teapot has achieved great heights, both in the East and West.

Teapots Transformed -- Book Review
Leslie Ferrin's recent publication is a tour-de-force of contemporary teapot design. A beautifully crafted 128 page, full-color book with over 120 illustrations - a wonderful book for anyone with an interest in The Contemporary Teapot.

Teapot Tips
Do you make teapots? Lots of them, or only one once in a while? Doesn't matter -- these teapot hints might help a little in the production of your pots.

Wedgwood, Josiah
Wedgwood and his heirs have been and still are heavily involved in the mass production of the humble teapot.

The Eccentric Teapot, Four Hundred Years of Innovation
A review of a publication by Garth Clark which takes a look at the more gregarious manifestations of that humble but universal domestic appliance, the teapot.

Chanoyu: Japanese Tea Ceremony
An introduction to the Japanese Tea Ceremony by Janel Houton.

Computer Generated Teapot Gallery
A simple site with a collection of nicely 3D modelled teapots.

Collecting Teapots
An interesting article by Leslie Ferrin on the art of collecting teapots.

Ferrin Gallery what's this?
A gallery that specializes in contemporary teapots - Tare three years of annual teapot shows and articles from various publications on the site.

Chinese Teapots and articles on Tea Ceremony and appreciation of tea and teapots.

A History of Teapots
Shen Nung, a Chinese Emperor in the 3rd century BCE, sat under a tree while boiling his drinking water. When the leaves of Camellia sinensis fell into his bowl, the agreeable taste prompted the genesis of tea drinking.

Milgrim, Richard - Tea Ceramics
Ceramic tea art by Richard Migrim, an American artist working in Japan.

An opportunity to view and purchase a selection of beautiful Yixing teapots imported from China.

The Tea Ceremony
A comprhehensive site on the Japanese Tea Ceremony with listings of Japanese Tea Masters, Raku bowl makers, with images. Bilingual - Japanse/English.

Yixing Teapots
Yixing teapots are a collectors item in China and in the West.

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