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Antiques Glossary
Includes many useful antique ceramic terms.

Black Firing Tips and Tricks
There's more to black-firing than just throwing a few bags of sugar into some old kiln! Get some great hints on black firing right here.

Brian Gartside
Clay and glaze info - heaps of articles!

Cone Temperature Chart
This chart will give you a comparison between Orton Cones and Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures.

Ceramics & Industrial Minerals
offers a list of resources dedicated to ceramics, industrial minerals and related topics, live message board and useful links.

Ceramics Dictionary
Multilingual ceramics dictionary brought to you by Edouard Bastarache and friends.

Ceramics Technical
An excellent magazine on technical ceramics issues, written by and for ceramic artists.

Crystalline Ceramics
A fairly comprehensive resource on crystalline glazes. With recipes and other info. Also includes a Bulletin Board.

Glossary of Ceramic Terms
Edited by Will Levi Marshall.

Glossary of Pottery and Porcelain
A comprehensive glossary from A-Z.

High-Temperature Reusable Surface Insulation Tiles
protect the shuttle from the high temperature of re-entry and are reusable for about 100 space missions.

Institute of Technological Research of Ceramics, Faenza
An institute from the well known Italian ceramics town of Faenza.

Japanese Ceramics Terminology
Dictionary of Japanese pottery terms.

Jiangxi Research Institute of Ceramics
a comprehensive ceramic research institution. It is located at the Porcelain Capital of the world - Jingdezhen, China.


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