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Kilns & Firing

Armil CFS, Inc.
A leading distributor of high temperature
insulations and refractories. Also manufactures Industrial kilns.

Bailey Pottery Equipment
A major US kiln manufacturer that has been in business for 27 years.

Cone Temperature Chart
This chart will give you a comparison between Orton Cones and Fahrenheit

Nisse Holmström's Aquagama
A grand modification of the traditional angama kiln, incorporating water into the firing technique.

Don Clarke's Kiln Page
follows the construction of a twin-arch naborigama kiln by four potters.

Euclid's Kilns and Elements
All manner of electric kilns, controllers, vents, elements and other pottery accessories.

Geil Kilns Company
Fiber lined natural draft front loading kilns, Fire Brick lined natural draft front loading kilns, Fiber lined natural draft Shuttle kilns, Fire brick lined natural draft Shuttle kilns, Fiber lined front loading Medium duty kilns. Located in Gardena, California.

L&L Special Furnace Co.
makes kilns and furnaces for industrial and technical ceramic applications. Temperatures to 3100 Deg. F. Front, top and bottom load types.

L&L Kiln Mfg
A.k.a Hotkilns.com - electric Kilns, Easy-Fire Automatic Kilns with hard
ceramic element holders, 3 year warranty.

Orton Ceramic Foundation
Manufacturer of pyrometric cones, laboratory instruments, kiln temperature controllers and monitoring equipment and software, kiln ventilations systems, and educational/training services.

The Kiln Elements Company
Replacement elements for electric kilns (at 30% off retail prices).

Rocky Raku Kiln
Kiln plans and building hints for a cheap, non-commercial alternative raku kiln. (Site works best with Internet Explorer.)

Ward Burner Systems
manufacture Power Burners and Raku Kilns - natural gas burners, kilns, and furnaces.

Australian Combustion Services
Kiln burners, brazing machines and safety devices. An online catalogue and links are available.

Skutt Ceramics
Manufacturers of kilns for ceramics and glass.

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