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Andersen, Bruce & Shannon
Handmade tile, mosaic sculpture and architectural ceramics

Art from the Heart
One of a kind ceramic sculptures, bronze sculptures and paintings by the Dutch artist Rosita Sikking Reeberg. In her art she expresses other realities and invisible worlds. English and Dutch.

Cannon, Nancy
Elegant and affordable handmade ceramic finger labyrinths. Free s/h in continental U.S. Visit today!

Site focuses on ceramic sculpture, and does it well. Includes many well-known and lessor known ceramic scuptors from around the world.

Crinson, Dominic
Is based in London and does ceramic sculpture and tiles and digital art work.

Crosby, Gordon -- An Artist in Clay
Sculptural and domesticware by Gordon Crosby - British potter since the 1960s.

David Fryer Studios, Porcelain Sculpture
Designers and manufacturers of English porcelain and bone china sculpture of museum quality.

De Leeuw, Carine
Belgian ceramist making figurative sculpture.

Doon, Bonny
Hand built ceramic gargoyles, grotesques and other sculptures, raku fired, by an Australian artist.

Forsberg, Jennifer
Swedish ceramic sculptor, who uses forms, archetypes and pictograms to create visual poetry.

Germeraad, Gert
Gert does Sculptural Heads & Sandsculpture -- Sandsculpture? Well, it's silica!

Gibbons, Marie E.v.B.
Sculpture in clay and mixed media.

Goddard, Joanna
Ceramic Sculpture - that looks squeezy.

Goichman, Esti
ceramic art & sculpture.

Gootgeld, Steven
Ceramic sculptor living in Taos, New Mexico.

Gusten Chris what's this?
Sculptural ceramics and tiles. Chris is interested in pottery that makes connections to the human figure.

Holliday SJ
Ceramic figurative sculpture. Sometimes humorous sometimes surprising always colourful.

Ivarsdotter, Backa Carin
Monumental installations in porcelain and stoneware. Organic and nature inspired objects that moves, glowes and are sometimes selfdestructing. The symbolic language I get from my dreams.

Jakarta Arts & Culture
Jakarta Arts & Culture: Documentary Sculpture, Ceramics, Wood Carving, Mask and Metal Sculpture.

Knäpper, Gerd
Environmental design, sculpture, murals, works in clay, wood fired, works in granit, stailess steel, bronze, aluminium. Bilingual English/Japanese site.

Koschetzki, Laurel and Fred
portfolio of diverse medium; including jewelry and painting, with an emphasis on clay objects ranging from sculpture, pottery, murals and dragons.

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