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Sculpture L-Z

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Lester , Jamie
Lester's sculpture is a study of humanity and of human dwelling places, and the connection between these inseperable yet divergent worlds. By joining various objects and images, Lester draws parallels between seemingly disjointed realms of the human consciousness.

McIver, Randolphlee
Portfolio of modern figurative sculpture in ceramic, stone, bronze and plaster.

Maiers, Heidi
Custom portraits and figurative sculpture (including pets) available in clay or bronze. Can be made from photos you submit.

Marques, Maria
Sculpture, Hand painted tile, Hand painted porcelan and paintings from Portugal.

Menec, Ama
Ama Menec is a Lesbian Sculptor working in Ceramics, specialising in the beauty of fat women.

Natsoulas, Tony
work is figurative, and also quite satirical. His Downtown Plaza Sculptures take an amusing look at suburban shopping centre culture, while other works, e.g. Babylonian Punk in House and others, critically analyze different aspects of society.

O'Byrne, Susan
Ceramic Animal Sculpture

Paikkari, Pekka
Design & ceramic sculpture from Finland.

Parker, Neil
Ceramic sculpture inspired by organic and architechtural forms designed to be sited in natural surroundings.

Piccardo, Margerita
Italian sculptress using stoneware and pocelain to make abstract sculpture.

Poulton, Irene what's this?
Raku fired ceramic figures and other sculptural objects.

Prack, Mary-Ann
works primarily in clay and metals to produce large scale abstract figurative sculpture in her own distinctive style.

Riseley, Adrienne
D oilies are used in the creation of different animal sculptures.

Setabundhu, Prinda
Ceramic and mixed media sculptures.

Shrope, Peter
Earthenware, stoneware and porcelain and mixed media sculpture.

Southwestern Religious Art - Jona de Taos
Southwestern religious iconic art of northern New Mexico. Relief carved religious icons on ceramic tablets in early Christian retablo style.

Stichter, Beth Cavener
A surrealist vision of the natural world.

Stilton, Stella
Fascinated by Faces. Useful and Decorative Sculpture

Surving Studios
Ceramics, glass and bronze sculpture with an artistic theme to represent the endangered creatures of the world.

Thompson, Valerie
Ethnic and primitive art themed ceramic plate sculptures.

Traylor, David
Sculptural ceramics exploring ideas of presence and place. These hand built stoneware sculptures include filled vessels, stones, buoys and plumb bobs.

Uludag, Kemal
Stylish ceramic sculpture from Turkey.

Wenz, Dorothee
These colorful and quirky sculptures are full of life and reflect on human nature -- and form!

Wolff, Juanita
Masks & ceramic sculptures inspired by Southwestern and South American influences

Zalunardo, Franco
Italian ceramic sculptor and painter. 'The artistic ceramics and sculptures in this page are maked only for love, to study and to understand italian Historical art.'

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