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Ababi's Paperclay Pages
Ababi shares his experiences using paperclay. Updated January 2003.

Books & Articles on Paperclay
Brought to you by Graham Hay. Included numerous links to useful articles on paperclay by various potters.

Brian Gartside
Paperclay - experiences and info.

Graham Hay
Australian ceramic artist Graham Hay has a wealth of information on his favorite medium -- paperclay -- available on his web site, alongside a number of inspirational images of paperclay sculptures he has made.

How to make Paperclay
Paperclay is a wonderful material for making ceramic sculptures. It has improved qualities over normal clay. When fired the paper burns away, leaving a lightweight but strong ceramic structure behind.

Irene Poulton
Raku sculpture making use of the properites of paperclay.

... mix WHAT with Clay?
Introduction to Paperclay by Brian Gartside, Potter in New Zealand. Includes helpful explanatory images.

More on Paperclay
Graham Hay explains to us the technique and the virtues of paperclay -- clay which has had paper fibre mixed into it.

An introduction to paperclay.

Paperclay Sculpture with Ian Gregory
British sculptor Ian Gregory explains his use of paperclay at a workshop demonstration.

Paper Clay and Steel
An article by Linda Mau on her work combining clay, paper and steel wire.

Rosette Gault
See why and how the paper clays, P'Slip and P'Clay (R) can be superior to even the most deluxe of conventional ceramic clay for most modeling and forming projects. Suitable for firing in kilns to a lighter weight ceramic glazed permanence just like normal clays .

Using Paper Fibre as a Substitute in Ceramic Clays
Technical paper by Leena Juvonen, Helsinki, Finland, presented and published at the 8th CIMTEC World Ceramics Congress, Finenze, Italy June 1997.

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