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Ardakan Industrial Ceramic's Co.
Iranian company specializing in high alumina ceramic balls and liner's in all sizes.

Armil CFS, Inc.
A leading distributor of high temperature
insulations and refractories. Also manufactures Industrial kilns.

C & S Machine Inc.
Rebuild repair compacting press for the industrial ceramics such as stokes and dorst press. Location: USA.

Cavco Machine Tool Rebuilding
Offers rebuilding of tool room and production machinery as well as rebuilding of industrial ceramic finishing machinery. Services include
electrical and mechanical repairs. On-site services include portable machining. Location: USA.

Ceram UK
Ceramics Research, Materials Research, Manufacturing Consultancy, UK. Multilingual.

Ceramics Netfirms
A distributor of industrial ceramics. We provide diversified industrial ceramics and chemical packings including bricks, rings, pipes, plates, balls, etc.

Heng Da
Chinese company that manufactures and supplies industrial ceramics such as balls, bricks, crucibles, nozzles, rods, tubes and more.

Mangalam Industrial Products India
Industrial Ceramic, Technical Ceramic & Ceramic Electronic Components. steatite beads, cartridge heaters, resistor boats, bobbins and refractory ceramics, grinding & deburring media and mcb plates from ceramic like porcelin, cordierite, steatite, high alumina.

Noor East co.
Egyptian supplyers of Kaolin, Albite, Talc, Quartz, Clay, Gypsum, Glass Sand, Fire Brick and Red iron Oxide (Hematite).

Prairie Ceramics Corporation
industrial ceramics as consumer products.

Sonya Ceramics
Indian manufacturer of porcelain, steatite, cordierite porcelain, cordierite
refractory, alumina refractory and high alumina of different grades.

Specific Surface Corporation
Specific Surface uses advanced computer controlled technology called CeraPrint™ based on Three Dimensional Printing™ (3DP™) to manufacture advanced filters and substrates for industrial and diesel exhaust applications.

High frequency heating specialist manufacturers of Industrial Microwave Generators and Ovens, and a complete selection of RF Heating Equipment.

Ward Burner Systems
manufacture Power Burners and Raku Kilns - natural gas burners, kilns, and furnaces.

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