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Paperclay for the Ceramic Arts
A comprehensive site on the uses of paperclay, where to get it, tips and hints, etc. With works by ceramic artist Rosette Gault.

Pat Coylar Pottery
Potter and pottery teacher living in Gold Bar, Washington, about 40 miles from Seattle, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

Pender, Jeff
Jeff makes abstract sculptures and installations based on the 'unknown'.

Peola Valley Pottery
Stoneware and tile pottery located in the Missouri Ozarks.

Perry, Gordon
Perry's designs are meant to enhance the experience of living and working by bringing some joy to the use or the ownership of the item.

Perryman, Jane
Perryman's ceramic vessels resonate with ancient traditional making and firing techniques whilst expressing her own unique contemporary style.

Pick Up the Pieces
Apparently the largest Art Restoration Company in the world. They repair everything from Ceramics, Crystal, china, all kinds of paintings, antiques and collectables and more. Costa Mesa, California.

Pillers Studio Clay
Functional and Decorative Stoneware Pottery, Chesapeake, VA, USA.

Piper, David N.
F unctional wheel thrown and altered studio porcelain.

PJewelry Unique Kiln Formed Dichroic Glass
A virtual gallery of a wide variety of kiln formed glass work--not just jewelry

PMS Enterprises
Wholesale & Retail Quality Ceramic Bisque ready to paint.

Porcelain Enamel Institute
Trade association of the porcelain enamel industry in North America.

Pottery Pagoda
Offers a large selection of high quality bisque, painting supplies, color products, and is a distributor of major kiln brands. Located in the Great North Woods region of Northern New Hampshire.

Potter's Market
Description: The largest pottery sale of its kind in the country. Over 130 advanced students and guest potters will sell their ware at this annual event, which is held the first weekend in December. See also Events Calendar.

Potter's Pavilion
Discussion group for wheel thrown and hand built pottery.

Potter, Shelley
Hand built one of a kind stoneware vessels

A variety a pottery ranging from wheel thrown to slab built, earthenware to stoneware, functional to decorative, majolica styled to wood fired.

Potters Council of The American Ceramic Society
Potters Council is a nonprofit subsidiary of The American Ceramic Society. It was founded in 2001 to serve the needs of potters, ceramic artists by providing forums for knowledge exchange and professional enhancement. Potters Council is entirely governed by volunteer members.

Potters for Peace
seek to build an independent, non-profit, international network of potters concerned with peace and justice issues, principally through interchanges involving potters of the (overdeveloped) North and (underdeveloped) South.

Pottery by Design
Smoke- and pit-fired decorative pieces by the New Jersey artist Linda Keleigh. Burnished clay is reminiscent of polished marble. Images, statement, and technique.

Pottery wheels, kilns, extruders, slab rollers, pug mills, and more; secure on-line ordering. Reno, Nevada

Precious Metal Clay PMC+™
PMC™ is a clay like substance that is made of pure gold or silver, it is mixed with a binder and a plasticizer to make it act and feel like clay.

Price, Ken
American studio potter, now making semi-abstract sculpture painted with acrylic.

Pueblo Pottery
On the Internet Public Library, a public service organization and a learning/teaching environment at the University of Michigan School of Information.

Pueblo Pottery in Maine
an Internet gallery providing quality hand coiled pueblo pottery by Native American artists of the Southwest to collectors across America and Europe.

Quartz Inversion Commercial Gallery
Sculpted forms based loosely within the context of celtic pattern and chinese carvings.

Quezada, Juan
Mata Ortiz pottery of the Southwest, by Juan Quezada and others.

Rafferty, Mike
Handbuilt ceramic sculpture in earthenware and stoneware. Terra sigillata is used on many pieces.

Raku Art Inc.
Raku Art Inc. is a ceramic manufacturer of raku fired ware.

Ratliff, Carol
Wheelthrown forms fired in saggar, raku and stoneware. Carol does custom work creating handmade/painted tile murals.

Rempe, Eric
Makes functional pots because on a daily basis the process raises enough questions to keep him investigating his ties to the earth and humanity.

Remsen, I.B.
A potter since 1963, Remsen's work reflects a blending of the earth-bound with the fanciful.

Richmond Art Center
offers classes and workshops in ceramics, among other media. In addition there are many children's classes to choose from. Richmond Art Center exhibits contemporary emerging artists in its galleries. (Northern Ca.)

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