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John Bennett Pottery
Thrown stoneware and porcelain, and sea sculptures.

Jon Lovejoy's Pottery
Raku and pit-fired pottery, descriptions of processes.

Jones, Maggie
Turtle Island Pottery functional stoneware and art pottery. Figurative animal sculptures using locally found clays and minerals

Juanita Wolff
Masks & ceramic sculptures inspired by Southwestern and South American influences.

Judy, Mary
Bright Colorful Clay - ceramic lizards, vessels, bowls & much more.

Kainz, Gudrun
Austrian artist's web site Kerameia. Feature's pit-fired vessels and sculptural objects.

Kanika African Sculptures
One-of-a-kind, African masks, figurines, dolls, goddesses, and home decorator items using clay, authentic African fabric, and beadwork.

Kaplan, Jonathan
Ceramic Design Group, Steamboat Springs Colorado

Katarina, Elena
California-based artist making sculptural work mostly in cone 6 temperatures, either porcelain or a similar clay body.

Katrich Studios
hand-make decorative tiles, based on classic and modern subjects, including architectural tiles.

Kellum, Dave
Nautical tile charts created in clay. Also, "Alice in Wonderland" sculptural series based on the illustrations of Sir John Tenniel.

Kennedy, Gloria
Clay Diversity offers a variety of Handcrafted Functional Ceramic Art. Pieces include dinnerware, Tea sets, Pitchers, serving platters and bowls, vases, planters, clocks, tiles, lighting, sculpture,sushi and sake sets.

Kennedy, Terri
Functional sculpture & pottery by Terri Kennedy. A mix of clay art ranging from garden, saggar, kitchenware to fountains.

Kern, Michelle P.
Bay Area artist, primarily ceramics sculpture with mixed
media. Shapes and forms based on images from history of magic and

Kickwheel Pottery Supply, Inc.
In Atlanta, GA, USA

Kiffney, Cathy
North Carolina ceramic artist creating hand built ceramic wall reliefs, murals, decorative tiles and vessels.

King Pottery
Decorative Fountains, Raku, Bird Feeders and baths, Decorative Jars, Teapots.

Kirchmer, Susan
Wheelthrown stoneware for the garden-lamps, luminarias, birdbaths, feeders. Additionally, raku, saggar, porcelain. Studio in garden setting in California.

Kowalczyk, Joe
ceramic sculptor in the California Bay Area.

Kraman, Suzanne
Claywaves Studio. Offering Classes, workshops, commissions, dinnerware, fully equipped studio.

Krampitz, Erica
Black Apple pottery based in Clarksville, Tennessee. Makes one-of-a-kind wheel-thrown pottery.

Kristin Doner
eight-pound pinchpot technique!

Krueger Pottery
Krueger Pottery supplies the St. Louis area with clay, glazes, and pottery equipment.

Kushing, Val
Ehibition at Cedar Creek Crafts Center in Creedmore, NC during April of 1999.
Val Kushing retired after 40 years of teaching ceramics at Alfred University.

Laguna Clay
Laguna Clay is a major US supplier of clays, raw materials, refractories, glazes, accessories and more. They are also importers and distributers of Southern Ice porcelain.

Larkin, Jeff and Tom
Jeff and Tom Larkin have become truly skilled artists. Visit the scenic grounds of their 30 foot kiln, studio, and sales room, in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Lastomirsky, Geo
American artist making small scale hand-built ceramic sculpture influenced by Yixing teapots. In 2001, Lastomirsky. won the prestigious ‘Prize for Excellence’ at the International Ceramic Art Symposium in Yixing, China.

Latka, Tom and Jean
Pottery, murals, architectural extruded elements, sculpture, paintings, Authors of "Ceramic Extruding".

Lauer, Jim
Functional hand crafted contemporary stoneware pottery
using bright reduction glazes.

Laurel and Fred Koschetzki
portfolio of diverse medium; including jewelry and painting, with an emphasis on clay objects ranging from sculpture, pottery, murals and dragons.

Lee Brozgold
Home Page.

Lehmann, Dick
F eatures a gallery of the best of Dicks wood-fired, saggar-fired, and side-fired clay art.

Lester , Jamie
Lester's sculpture is a study of humanity and of human dwelling places, and the connection between these inseperable yet divergent worlds. By joining various objects and images, Lester draws parallels between seemingly disjointed realms of the human consciousness.

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