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Clay Art Pottery
Showcasing the handbuilt sculptural vessels of Vicki Hardin who fires with raku and pitfire techniques.

Clay Place
Ceramic art gallery, a gift shop and an art supply/equipment store in Pittsburgh, PA.

The work of Robert E. Carlson and Marilee Hall.

Ceramic Artist living just north of the Adirondack Park in New York State.

a guide to the world wide web of ceramics

ClayWays Pottery Studio & Gallery
Austin's premiere pottery teaching facility. Over 5000 square feet dedicated to wheel throwing, handbuilding, sculpture, tile and glaze calculation classes.

Clayworks of New Hampshire
Handcrafted ornaments, and pottery by Lisa Boucher. Features one-of-a-kind hand-built ceramic ornaments for all seasons as well as jewelry and functional pottery.

A complete source of ceramic supplies and equipment, with an Indstrial Minerals and Ceramic Arts Division.

Clouds Porcelain
Ceramics company in San Francisco & Folsom; Features an extensive catalogue.

Coffee, D. Michael what's this?
Functional and sculptural ceramics with an oriental aesthetic.

Cohn, Bonita
Bonita Cohn is an artist making wood fired and reduction fired stoneware;
this website highlights Bonita's photographs of anagama and noborigama
wood fired kilns in full flame.

Coleman, Connie
Web page featuring the artist's functional stoneware.

Coleman, Tom & Elaine
Information about our work, work available for purchase, workshops, books, Geil kilns, galleries that carry our work and direct ordering from our personal gallery.

Coombs Hertzog Pottery
Joint effort stoneware creations by Amy Coombs (potter) and Scott Hertzog (chem. engineer).

Collector's Catalog
over 9,000 categories of antiques and collectibles including a Porcelain / Pottery category.

Condell Ceramics
Retailer of ceramic bisque, with over 6000 styles available. Our services include painting classes and local kiln repair. We also do group events such as birthdays.

Connelly, Michael
Wheel-thrown soda-fired utilitarian ceramics from Shelburne, Vermont.

Cooper, Scott
Scott,a studio potter since 1992, runs St. Earth Pottery, located in Greencastle, Indiana.

Creative Glazes
Creative Glazes features high quality Duncan ceramic paint and glaze. Now you can get your favorite Duncan ceramic glazes and paints delivered right to your door.

Creightons Ceramics
Suppliers of a number of religous figurines.

Critical Ceramics
Critical Ceramics is a site that deals with critical theory within ceramics. Here you will find a number of articles on issues dealing with ceramics, ranging from discussions on Bernard Leach to NCECA.

Chesapeake Memories
Ceramic bisque for sale.

Compton, Robert
A versatile ceramist making wood-fired, salt-glazed, raku and pit-fired work. He has recently built a 250 cubic foot anagama kiln.

Dai Ichi Arts
Online Gallery. Fine Contemporary ceramics by Japanese & American artists. Located in N.Y.

Daniel Vito
Fireborn Studios is one of the best sources of pottery, hand made American crafts and pottery classes for children and adults in Pittsburgh.

Davis Pottery
Hand Crafted Pottery by Davs Lanthripe. Located in Moore,OK. Lessons, one of a kind ceramics, heplful info.

Dermer, Dan
Works in porcelain and stoneware, fired to cone 10 reduction in a gas kiln with ash and copper red glazes amongst others. Site includes glaze recipes and more.

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