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Ceramics in the USA
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Vermont Crafts Council
From Vermont, USA

Vicki Hardin & Clay Art Pottery
Showcasing the handbuilt vessels of Vicki Hardin who fires in raku and pitfire traditions.

VisGirda, Rimas
High-profile Lithuanian-American potter working with decals and onglazes.

Wang, Peter what's this?
Thrown ceramic works in stoneware and porcelain. A beautifully designed site.

Ward Burner Systems
manufacture Power Burners and Raku Kilns - natural gas burners, kilns, and furnaces.

Warm Glass
Fusing, Slumping, and Other Kiln Forming Techniques.

Wax & Bing Pottery Studios
Husband & wife team, Jan Wax & Chris Bing, collaborate on porcelain and stoneware vessels that incorporate sculpted flora and fauna. Jan throws and glazes; Chris sculpts, handbuilds, and fires the kiln.

Weber, Mike
Each summer participants and visiting artists join Weber at his forest studio in beautiful Bayfield County, Wisconsin, for a 16-day workshop that teaches the process of firing a traditional Anagama kiln.

Wedgwood Family History Page
From the descendants of Josiah Wedgwood.

Wedgwood Society of Boston
A good resource site on Wedgwood.

Welsh, Stan
American ceramist and teacher San Jose State University, California making figurative sculpture investigating social and political issues.

Wiener, Elise
Studio potter and graphic designer based at the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, Connecticut. Wheel-thrown stoneware dinnerware, vases, sinks etc. All pottery is dishwasher and oven safe.

William K. Turner
Sculptural Raku.

William Schran
Bill Schran describes the ceramics courses offered at the Alexandria Campus of Northern Virginia Community College, provides links to other ceramics web sites and lists glaze formulas used in the studio.

Winarsky, Ira
Gallery of iridescent luster glazed ceramic sculptural landscapes, along with the environment that inspired the works. Also included are animated art pieces that show lustre glaze color changes.

World Organization of China Painters
Check out this museum dedicated to the preservation of antique and contemporary hand painted china.

high quality hand made Ceramics imported from Eastern Europe. Ideal for Home decoration or Gifts.

yosoh (Scott Rench)
Makes generated images that are printed with a ceramic glaze onto a large canvas of clay.

Zappa,Nick & Joan
Zappa Pottery - Nick and Joan have been making pottery for 25 years. High fired stoneware.

Zentner, John what's this?
Functional stoneware for the kitchen and tabletop.

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