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Levine, Marilyn
Levine has become well-known for her hyper-realistic renderings of leather briefcases, handbags, jackets and the like, in the trompe-l'oeil tradition.

LilyPond Products
Ceramic Slip Casting Equipment, Fresno, CA 93711.

Little Granite Creek Pottery
products include tiles, dinner plates, bowls of various sizes, pitchers, and many other items.

Lockbridge Pottery
Jeff Diehl's pottery in Meadow Bridge West Virginia.

Lotz, Tyler what's this?
Tyler is a ceramic sculptor and Assistant Professor at Illinois State University.

Lovejoy, Jon
Jon finishes his clay work primarily using primitive firing techniques such as Raku,which has its roots in the Japanese tea ceremony. Pit firing, a process of firing the unglazed work with wood in an open pit, originates from Native American Indian techniques.

Lurie, Elizabeth
An American ceramist for 30 years, working in porcelain. Her work is concerned with exploring simple organic forms to create functional objects for the home.

Mad Teapotter Studio
Beautiful, handmade ceramic art tiles, pressed in plaster molds sculpted by the artist. Hand-painted with rich, jewel-like translucent glazes, and kiln fired.

Maiers, Heidi
Portraits in clay. Portraits or other pieces may be commissioned. Options include your preference of bust size, clay color, patina or glaze color, and hardwood base fixture with marble tile.

Marjorie's Hobbies & Crafts
Lessons, Greenware, Firing Supplies - in Cannan, Maine.

Marsha Koenig's Marsh Pottery Studio
Handcrafted American home decor and serving wares from porcelain and stoneware in floral, animal and fish designs.

Mary-Ann Prack
works primarily in clay and metals to produce large scale abstract figurative sculpture in her own distinctive style.

Maui Pacifica
Tiles by Maui artists.

Mayco Colors
Manufacturers of high quality ceramic glazes, acrylic stains, brushes, molds and accessories for ceramists worldwide.

Mello, Ron
Fine art studio and gallery specializing in Raku and functional ceramics.

Mile Hi Ceramics
A complete pottery and ceramic supplier, manufacturer of 30 clay bodies, kilns, potters wheels, glazes, glaze chemicals, Amaco, Duncan, tools, brushes and more.

Milgrim, Richard
American born potter living in Japan. Makes tea bowls and other paraphenalia for the Japanese Tea Cermony.

Minnesota Clay USA
Online catalogue and gallery, newsletters.

Molitor, Gary W.
Clay Sculpture, Mix Media Sculpture, Cups, 2 D Images and more!

Motzkin, Judith
Judy Motzkin uses a flame-painting variation of pit/saggar firing on her elegant vessels and urns. She also makes assemblages of clay and mixed media.

Murphy, Emily
Functional soda fired/woodfired stoneware ceramics in the Japanese tradition.

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