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Japanese Ceramics
Japanese ceramics have a tradition that date back centuries and have held a particular fascination for western potters and ceramic artists. They have also found their way onto the Net.

Geometric Abstraction
The ceramic foray into sculpture is often represented by Geometric Abstraction, the investigation into form and geometry, expressed in the ceramic medium.

Decorative Arts
From your Ceramics Today guide to Decorative Arts, Erin McCready

One of the things we immediately associate with when thinking of Holland are tulips and Delftware, the famous Dutch Blue and White ceramics. But we know little about its history, that can be traced back to the 16th century, with islamic, oriental and western influences.

Surrealism in Contemporary American Ceramics
Surrealism is a movement which has been tenacious in many representations of art from all around the world and is also flourishing in the world of ceramics. This week let's check out some Fantastic, Surreal - American Ceramic Sculpture.

Japanese Culture seen in Kanazawa
Welcome to Japan. Japanese Culture Seen in Kanazawa is a wonderful site for anyone with an interest in Japanese culture and holds a particular interest for lovers and practitioners of ceramics with its pages on Japanese ceramics and tea ceremony.

Ceramics in South America
South and Central American Ceramics are often associated with bright, colorful, low-fired terracotta or earthenware works. The firing techniques are usually simple, traditional methods. This sometimes means firing without a kiln!

Ceramic Sculpture in Europe
Ceramic sculpture in Europe enjoys a long tradition going back hundreds of years. This week we look at a few european sites of sculptural ceramic art.

Josiah Wedgwood was one of the most successful producers of fine English ceramics in the 18th century. His work and popularity have endured to this day, with the name Wedgwood being synonymous with well respected and valued collectors items.

Functional Pottery in Australia
Australian pottery is said to have a unique flavor of its own...

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