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Studio potter, teacher and art historian Rick Berman traces the development of his hybrid raku-salt-glaze firing technique 'Salku', developed over many years and coming to fruition in the early 1990s. (13 December 2004)

The Seagrove International Ceramics Conference Crossroads will be held in Seagrove, North Carolina, USA from June 5-10, 2005 and A Celebration of the Seagrove Tradition from June 11-12, 2005. (6 December 2004)

CobaltA Problem with Cobalt?
Studio potter and author of Safety in the Ceramics Studio Jeff Zamek discusses the case of cobalt toxicity and its implications for the potter. (25 November 2004)

DeckThéodore Deck and the Islamic Style
This article by art historian Frederica Todd Harlow delves into the artistic and social background to famous French potter Théodore Deck's pioneer pottery in the 19th century. (11 November 2004))


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American ceramist yosoh, aka Scott Rench, creates computer generated images that are printed with a ceramic glaze onto a large canvas of clay. HB

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    Find out who's hanging out with whom, as far as pets go, on this page dedicated to our animal companions.
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Odd Spot
Russel Fouts Belgian potter Russel Fouts has founded the Brussels Chapter of Pot Fondlers Anonymous. Ask about their 12 step program to come to terms with your pot fondling tendencies.

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It is with sadness that we note the passing away of prominemt studio potter Ken Ferguson on 30 Dec. 2004. Ken was an influential educator, counting amongst his students Chris Gustin, Keisuke Mizuno, Richard Notkin, Akio Takamori, Kurt Weiser and many others

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