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About Ceramics Today

Ceramics Today is a comprehensive independent ceramics site, but one with a long history. Many of you may be familiar with its first incarnation as Claynet, which was set up in mid 1995 and was one of the earliest ceramics sites on the WWW (predating even the SDSU web site).

Towards the end of 1996, Claynet evolved into ceramics.about.com. While Claynet files were still available, the site was no longer being updated and all effort went into the About.com site (formerly also known as The Mining Company). At ceramics.about.com, theCeramics Today Editor Steven Goldate acted as the 'Ceramics Guide', sifting through the maze of ceramics sites on the Net, selecting those worthy of a link, writing articles and answering thousands of reader's questions. Over the years hundreds of articles were written while the links database grew to be the most comprehensive on the Net.

It is this legacy on which Ceramics Today is based and now owned by Scott Jones

Many features of Ceramics Today may be familiar to you - the links, the gallery and the newsletter (now the 'Update'). There are also many new features - the Pot of the Week, Website of the Week and the Odd Spot. Believe it or not, this time there are no ads and annoying pop-ups.

Thanks for your support.

Editor, Ceramics Today


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