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Rimas VisGirda
Rimas VisGirda is a Lithuanian born American ceramic artist known for his socio-critical caricature style decoration. Find out more about the background to his imagery, his influences, as well as some of his decorating techniques.

2001 Clay Odyssey
The Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, Montana, is celebrating 50 Years with this three day event.

Types of Clays
What is clay? Where does it come from? What different types are there?

Engobes are liquid clay slips which are applied to the surface of a clay object. The purpose of the engobe can be to give color to a piece, improve the surface texture, provide a ground to do further decoration on or to add textures.

More on Paperclay
Graham Hay explains to us the properties and techniques of paperclay. A great sculptural medium, paperclay is made by adding paper pulp to wet clay.

Teapots Transformed -- Book Review
Leslie Ferrin's recent publication is a tour-de-force of contemporary teapot design. A beautifully crafted 128 page, full-color book with over 120 illustrations - a wonderful book for anyone with an interest in The Contemporary Teapot.

Woodfired Clay Colors
Owen Rye explains to us his method of achieving unique colors in his woodfiring clay and firing processes.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safety for Ceramics
You may think of ceramics as being pretty tough, but dishwashers and microwaves may pose a threat to our ceramic pieces! Find out about the do's and don'ts for dishwashing and microwaving.

City of Carouge International Ceramics Competition
The Swiss City of Carouge hosts an international bienniel ceramics competition, with a prize money of US$6,000.

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