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Vipoo Srivilasa -- Artist's Profile
Thai-Australian artist Vipoo Srivilasa makes funky, brightly colored socio-critical ceramics. Extending the boundaries of ceramic art, 'The Coral Show'
is his latest series of outrageous works.

Mat Slip Decoration
Get beautiful satin mat surfaces on your ceramics using colored slips. Find out more about this easy but effective technique in this feature article!

Lawson Oyekan -- Grand Prix Award for the 1st World Ceramic Biennale 2001 Korea
The Grand Prix Award for the 1st World Ceramic Biennale 2001 Korea has gone to Nigerian Lawson Oyekan for his terracotta sculpture 'Healing Being'.

Dogs -- Ceramic artist Rimas VisGirda's Dog Life
The story of Lithuanian born American ceramic artist Rimas VisGirda and the dogs in his life.

2nd Cheongju International Craft Competition
This is a major international craft competition with awards of over US$ 45,000, to be held in Cheongju, Korea -- well worth considering. It's theme: 'Breath of Nature'.

Kilns and Kiln Firing Part II
Part 2 of our technical article on Kilns and Firing covers many aspects of kiln firing and safety and takes a look at Temperature Measurement and Control, offers a Color Scale Chart and talks about Industrial Firing Processes.

Kilns and Kiln Firing Part I
This articles covers many aspects of kiln firing and kiln safety including a Safety Check List, Natural Gas vs L.P. Gas, Safe Kilns and Firings, Safety Devices for Kilns and Maintaining Burner Safety Controls. This is a useful article for anybody firing a gas kiln.

The Merry-Go-Gama -- An Experimental Kiln
The Merry-Go-Gama Kiln, built by Ian Jones, is an experimental, multi-chambered kiln based on the Hoffman Kiln. This kiln was designed for continuous use firing.

ClayFeast Gulgong - Event Review
Clayfeast Gulgong took part from 29 April - 6 May. This international event was an exciting display of techniques and skills from ceramic artists from all over the world.

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