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Clay Works: American Ceramics from the Everson Museum of Art
A top collection of American ceramics makes New York City debut at the UBS PaineWebber Art Gallery.

Book Review: Glazes Cone 6
Michael Bailey's publication on cone 6 glazes contains a wealth of information, both for the novice, as well as those already familiar with this firing range.

Enhancing Images with Decals
Harriot Gamble describes Rimas Visgirda's technique of making your own decals.

Ceramics and the Haptic Lapse
A controversial article by Damon Moon, challenging our notions about teaching ceramics and the role of ceramics institutions in our society today.

Chromium for Potters
Edouard Bastarache gives us some useful information on the dangers to potters of using chromium compounds in ceramics. French & English.

Raku Glazes by Irene Poulton
Australian raku artist Irene Poulton shares with us some of her tried and trusted raku glazes.

Specimens of Osmosis
An article by Tina Lee on the amazing effects of watersoluble metal salts on ceramics by way of osmosis.

Mastering Cone 6 Glazes
Book Review - John Hesselberth & Ron Roy give us a helping hand formulating stable cone 6 glazes.

Architectural Ceramics Workshop
Marcia Selsor will be teaching an Architectural Ceramics workshop at La Meridiana, an international school of ceramics in the Hills of Tuscany in May/June 2003.

The Origins of Chattering
Chattering - a technique where a flexible metal tool is allowed to 'jump' across the surface of a leatherhard pot.

Micro-organisms in Ceramics
Smart Conseil and Edouard Bastarache write about problems with micro-organisms in ceramics. (English & French versions available.)

2nd World Ceramic Biennale, 2003 Korea
This International Competition with a Grand Prize money of US$23,000 will be held in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, Korea for 60 days from Sep. to Oct. 2003.

Mocha Diffusions
A little known ceramic decorative technique that originated in Britain in the 18th century.

Peter Voulkos - An Affirmation of Art and Life
John Balistreri writes on the life of the famous American pioneer potter.

Oxidation and Reduction Firings
In general we distinguish between two types of firing -- oxidation and reduction.

More Ceramic Firing Techniques
Find out about Wood Firing, Salt & Vapor Firing, and more!

Ceramic Firing Techniques
Find out about Black Firing, Pit-Firing, Raku and more!

Competitors and Compatriots
Brad Sondahl writes about the spirit of co-operation within the ceramics community.

The Life of Josiah Wedgwood
A biography of the famous businessman.

William Catling - Shared Suffering
at the Diane Nelson Fine Arts, Laguna Beach, CA -- by Roberta Carasso.

Tools and Tool Making for Porcelain
Alistair Whyte describes the procedure he uses for making tools and throwing porcelain.

A Ceramic Safari in East Africa I
Part 1 of Article by Reid Harvey on his experiences in East Africa.

A Ceramic Safari in East Africa II
Part 2 of Article by Reid Harvey on his experiences in East Africa.

Photographing Your Own Work
How to photograph your own ceramics and get near-professional results!

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