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  • Rimas Visgirda - Lithuanian-American potter working with decals and onglazes.
  • Anne Hirondelle - Soda ash glazed sculptural stoneware vessels
  • Vipoo Srivilasa - Thai-Australia ceramic artist, making works reminiscent of West Coast Funk.
  • Adelaide Alsop Robineau - An American art deco ceramist, famous for her 'Scarab Vase'.
  • David Gilhooly - talks about his first Frog Pot and the secret life of Frogs.
  • Gary Wornell - a diverse Canadian artist living in Finland
  • Ursula Scheid - a contemporary German artist potter working in stoneware.
  • Vivienne Foley - a successful studio potter based in London
  • Pippin Drysdale - stylish and colorful vessels by an Australian artist-potter.
  • Early Japanese Pottery - shards from the earliest pottery vessels known in the world, about 16,000 years old, have been found at the Kamino site in southwestern Japan.
  • Lucy Lewis - famous Native American potter of the Acoma Pueblo, in America's southwest.
  • Minerva Chango - a Venezuelan potter making functional woodfired work with a sculptural flavor.
  • Portland Vase - a famous 'Black Basalt' vase by English ceramic innovator Josiah Wedgwood.
  • Astrid Gerhartz - German potter working in fine porcelain; also uses watersoluble metal salts.
  • Hans Coper - an influential modernist ceramist with a 'continental' sensibility.
  • Claude Champy - a potter working in the best of French ceramic traditions.
  • Ruth Duckworth - well-known resident American artist with a distinct aesthetic.
  • Rudi Staffel - famous for his 'Light Gatherer' porcelain pieces, Staffel is an accomplished American ceramist.
  • Les Lawrence - A master of screenprinting on clay and inventor of novel ways of making decals.
  • Peter Voulkos - An American icon and father of expressionism in American ceramics.
  • Yixing - the traditional Chinese red stoneware teapot, now as sought after in the West as in the East.
  • Jeroen Bechtold - a Dutch potter in the heart of Amsterdam
  • Thomas Toft - The Toft family is said to have made their distinctive slipwares in 17th C Staffordshire. But is there more to it than meets the eye?
  • Peter Callas - an American potter who has been influenced by the Japanese woodfiring tradition, as well as the work of his friend and collaborator Peter Voulkos.
  • Joseph Ekberg - Swedish Art Nouveau designer who worked for the Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory from 1897 until 1945.
  • Bernard Leach - the grand old master of English pottery at his best - a beautifully shaped bottle vase from with wavy lines that enhance the form.
  • Tony Ferguson - American potter, master in the art of Anagama firing, in his own words.
  • Dorothy Feibelman - makes vessels of delicately patterned clay using a technique known as neriage.
  • Bodil Manz - Danish eggshell porcelain.
  • Ah Leon - Yixing meets contemporary Illusionism.
  • Xing Liangkun - a prolific Chinese potter, who not only makes pottery, but collects, writes and has developed many ceramics-related patents.
  • Raymond Elozua - is a contemporary American artist famous for his deconstructed vessels and other ceramic sculpture.
  • Gary Molitor - is a California based artist working in clay, mixed media and in 2D media.
  • Ken Ferguson - is a distinguished, innovative American studio potter, who taught for many years at Kansas City Art Institute. His students include many successful contemporary ceramicists.
  • Fujisan - is one of Japans most revered Raku Tea Bowls, made by Hon'ami Koetsu around 1600.
  • Jean François Fouilhoux - is a contemporary French studio potter melding the traditional Chinese celadon glaze with a typically French free-form aesthetic.
  • Grayson Perry - is a British ceramist, visual artist & writer, who uses pottery as a weapon for social criticism.

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