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Jean François Fouilhoux
Contemporary French celadon practitioner

Celadon Form, 1997,  by Jean François FouilhouxJean François Fouilhoux has been working with celadon glazes for more than 25 years. His hand-built works are glazed and fired multiple times, before reaching the perfection he is looking for. His celadon glazes range from light blue-green to a deep olive green in color. Fouilhoux's works meld the traditional Chinese celadon glaze with a French free-form aesthetic.

Fouilhoux studied at the École Nationale Supérieur des Arys Appliqués in Paris from 1962-68. In 1980 he won the Gold Medal at the International Fair in Munich, Germany, in 1982 he was awarded the Prix CSC at the Biennale Vallauris, France and in 1998 was winner of the renown Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award, Auckland, New Zealand.

Fouilhoux lives and works in Montprès-Chambord in the Loire valley. He is represented in Europe by Galerie b15.

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