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Peter Voulkos
An American Icon

TeapotPeter Voulkos (1924-2002) may be considered an icon of American ceramics and the 'American Clay Revolution'. His deconstructive ceramic style, developed over the long span of his career, embodied expressionism in American ceramics.

Voulkos colorful career included teaching positions at the Archie Bray Foundation, the Los Angeles County Art Institute, the University of Montana and the University of California.

His exhibitions and collections are too numerous to mention, but a glimpse at his bio gives us an idea of the span of his endeavors. His last three exhibitions were held in Santa Monica, San Francisco and Sacramento, California.

"Voulkos lived a courageous life, he lived it with sincerity, passion, integrity and respect. The magnitude of his accomplishments and the revolutionary vision of his work will remain in the museums and collections throughout the world and will be studied by students indefinitely. No less important is the direct effect he has had on those who were a part of his life, the way he influenced them, and the accomplishments they have had and will continue to have. Voulkos was the father of a movement that is still in its infancy; it has only begun to be characterized. Its history continues to unfold in the works and deeds of those whom he inspired". Extract from Peter Voulkos - An Affirmation of Art and Life by John Balistreri.

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