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Hale, Jennie
Ceramics and other art from the UK.

Halldorsdottir, Gudrun
Icelandic ceramic sculptor living and working in the USA. Her themes are universal a celebration of nature, humanity and most especially the essence of female creativity in all its forms.

Hamlyn, Jane
British studio potter making functional, salt-glazed work. Wheel-thrown stoneware pots are incised, impressed and decorated with colored slips.

Hardin, Vicki & Clay Art Pottery
Showcasing the handbuilt vessels of Vicki Hardin who fires in raku and pitfire traditions.

Harlan, Nancy
Ceramic art from ceramic artist Mudcrone aka Nancy, explores social issues concerning women including female genital mutilation, footbinding, Afghanistan women and the Taliban.

Hatori, Makoto
Makoto Hatori employs the austere and native forms of richly textured traditional Bizen pottery to create playful sculptural assemblages that reflects his environmental concerns. He works in Bizen tradition but has deveropment a contemporary language in sculptural works which links his own lineage with life today.

Heeman, Karin
a professional Dutch ceramic artist with a studio in France. Summertime workshops. Mainly individual unique pieces, in raku, stoneware and porcelain. International Exhibits.

Heinsohn, Brigitte
figurative ceramic sculture (German language)

Heinz, Regina what's this?
Regina Heinz has developed a special slab building technique and creates hand built sculptural ceramics, ceramic reliefs and wall pieces, taking inspiration from the mountainous landscapes of her home country Austria.

Hennig, Dan and Laurie
Wild ware and sculptured stoneware. Animals, figurative work and funky functional pots, in Boulder Creek, California.

Hermans Keramik
Wheel-thrown functional ware from Germany, inspired by the Japanese aesthetic, as well wall and floor tiles, by Niki and Guenter Hermans.

Hewitt, David
Pottery in Pottery Newport, South Wales, UK. Site includes glaze software, stoneware and porcelain pottery and info on pottery techniques.

Hewitt, Mark
British-born studio potter resident in the USA. Mark makes tableware for domestic use, and a range of planters for the garden. He also specializes in making very large pots, planters, jars, vases and jugs.

Hide, Ebina
Japanese studio potter in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Hoeboer, Pauline
Handbuilt, wheelthrown and slipcast porcelain and stoneware Dutch ceramic sculptures. Artist tells about her works and methods. Picture gallery commentated by the artist. News, classes and workshops.

Hole, Nina
A well known Danish sculptor, Nina makes small-scale sculpture as well as spectacular large-scale raw objects fired at ceramic events.

Hollingworth, Brian
Animal sculpture for the home and garden. One off ceramic sculpture some fired using raku methods.Commissions accepted.

Holmström, Nisse
Works with stoneware in woodfired bourrybox- and anagama type kilns.

Honkala, Teppo
Po(r)tfolio of a young finnish ceramics artist specializing in modern pottery and wall pieces.

Hook, Sally
Figures of women and sculptural vessels in various ceramic materials.

Hopper, Robin
’Chosin Pottery is owned and operated by ceramic artists Robin Hopper and Judi Dyelle. It is located 30 minutes from downtown Victoria, BC Canada.

Howkins, Steve
Australian potter making platters, spice crackers, mortar and pestles, interior
sculpture, porcelain lights, vases and underglaze prints.

Irvine, Steve what's this?
Canadian potter - functional stoneware, intriguing forms - well worth a look!

Irwin, Jeff
sculptural forms with narritive imagery in black and white, white. drawings on porcelain.

Isaksson, Isak
Swedish potter -- stoneware and crystal-glazes/recepies. Studio outside Stockholm, Sweden

Jago, Jay
Unique handmade functional ceramics ,using ash and crystalline glazes made by an Englishman living in Japan.

Janssen, Eva
a Dutch ceramist, using mainly raku techniques. On this site you can learn more about this artist, her method of working and view examples of her work. Bilingual English/Dutch.

JBK Gallery
Eggshell thin porcelain results in magnificent translucency in the works of this Dutch artist. The site also features links to Bechtold's 'virtual ceramics' and a gallery of ceramic works by various international artists.

Korean Ceramic Artist; Stoneware sculpture

Jeroen Bechtold
An exclusive interview with the Dutch porcelain and computer artist.

Jevtovic, Dragana
Studio potter from Cape Town, South Africa.

Joanna Goddard
Quirky hand built earthenware sculpture with body stains.

Johannessen, Kjell
Kjell Johannessen had his debut at the Annual Exhibition of Artists of Western Norway in 1976. He is especially known for his candlesticks.

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