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Speers, Jim
Hand made functional works in stoneware and porcelain and one off pieces.

Spring, Rachel
Ceramic sculptor based in in East Sussex, Britain.

Srivilasa, Vipoo
Vipoo's flamboyantly exotic ceramics reflect both his Thai cultural heritage and the inspiration of Australia's marine life. The results are dazzlingly over-the-top.

Steilberg, Ida
Dutch ceramist making ceramic sculptures created hollow, with a mixture of different colored clays.

Stephen Daly Ceramics
Welcome to my Virtual Studio, lots of images and details of a broad range of functional and decorative stoneware.

Sterling, Bev
A site dedicated to Zimbabwean pottery and installation artists using the 'pot' as a means of expression. Features contemporary pottery which are hand built and wheel-thrown. Other Southern African potters are invited to join the site.

Stewart, Iesha
Ceramic Sculpture Artist - North Queensland, Australia.

Strand, Michael
Multimedia artist who specializes in varied scale public/private installations and commissions. Maintains a connection to his formative roots by also producing a limited body of functional vessels.

Struthers, John
The struthers pottery is situated in Orkney on the island of Burray. All work is in stoneware. To receive digital pictures of the very latest pots as they come out of the kiln, or to see other pottery that is currently available please get in touch. Better still, come in person if you find yourself in Orkney - you'll be most welcome at any time of year!

StudioPottery.co.uk what's this?
A British online information site linking potters, galleries and collectors with a shared enthusiasm for Studio Ceramics.

Struthers, John
Stoneware ceramics and sculptural forms from the studio of John Struthers in Orkney, Scotland.

Studio Yria
Handcrafted ceramic production on the island of Paros, Greece.

Summer, Roland
Austrian artist working in Terra Sigillata - Raku.

Sundqvist, Marie-Louise
A Swedish ceramist from Uppsala, making figurative sculpture and colorful domestic ware.

Suzuki, Aisaku
Japanese artist working in Germany, presents his abstract sculptures and vases from porcelain and stoneware together with his comments on Japanese aesthetics.

Swindell, Geoffrey
British porcelain artist making unique wheel-thrown, glazed and lustered miniature vessel forms.

Szapiel, Bernard
T he site displays my collection of hand made Australian animal sculptures, it also gives a brief history of myself and shows how I work.

Tasker, Robert & Julia
Ar Carn - on-line ceramic gallery, showing interesting work by Scottish potters Robert & Julia Tasker.

Taskin, Gokhan
Turkish ceramist, painter and photographer resident in The Netherlands and making abstract sculpture with assembled slabs and extruded sections.

Tempelmans Plat-Rehill, Vera
Vera's signature clay work is reassembled smoke-fired shard pottery.

Tennis, Chris
Hand thrown raku vessels, urns and plates. Raku pottery.

Thai Ceramic Art
A directory of Thai ceramic artist around the world.

The Vessel Online
Virtual gallery of ceramic art by Canadian ceramist Donald K. Burroughs.

Thornblad, Ove
Swedish ceramist and technical consultant. Swedish language.

Tilley, Lorna
My work is mostly figurative, feminist and based on telling stories or reinterpreting history and myth. I want it speak with strength and joy and defiance and humour, and to reflect an underlying philosophy of commitment to social justice, humanism and collective responsibility.

Tiwi Island Ceramics
Ceramics of the indigineous people of a remote Australian island.

Tiwi Island Ceramics II
More on Tiwi island ceramics.

Tolstoy, Carolinda
Faience lustre and gold ceramics - inspired by Persian Safavid and Turkish Iznik (1500 - 1600).

Trueman, Bryan
Contemporary slipware by a British potter.

UK Potters
A comprehensive list of about 100 UK potters from A-Z.

Valerie's hand-painted Ceramics and Terracotta
Hand-painted ceramics dishes, Hand-painted decoration dishes. Plats de céramique peint à la main, plats décoratifs en terre-cuite peints à la main.

van der Vegt, Rita
Dutch ceramist based in Amsterdam, making abstract sculpture and stylized portraits.

van der Walt, Clementina what's this?
Order original art works by various South African Artists, as well as colorfully decorated ceramics by Clementina van der Walt.

Verbruggen, Marc
Kunsthuis Den Visch - A site with contemporary sculptures, objects and mixed media.

Viotti, Ulla what's this?
Swedish landscape artist makes amazing public structures using bricks. Website is Swedish only, but definitely worth a look anyway. Click on the images for enlargements!

Vito, Daniel & Fireborn Studios
Daniel Vito and his wife Donna Hetrick make hand made pottery- sushi ware, tea sets, dinnerware, serving pieces, vases - all in spirit of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Vrancken, Dirk
A Belgian Ceramist living and working with Raku in Rio de Janeiro.

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