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Bigot, Rozenn
young french ceramist working high fired stoneware and Shino glazes in Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye. The site in now only in French, but English is version comming soon.

Bill Buckner's Clay & the Arts Page
Ceramics and other philosophical elaborations!

Blakebrough, Les
Leading Australian studio potter making wheel-thrown vessels, using his now well-known 'Southern Ice' porcelain.

Bloedjes Judith
Dutch ceramist using clay and mixed media to create new ceramics.

Bolton, Mark
Functional Porcelain and Terracotta.

Bonchev, Bojida
Hand-built, large format abstract sculpture and special porcelain cast technique by Bulgarian artist Bojidar Bonchev.

Boyd, David
showcasing ceramics and other stuff including computer
genarated images and animation that look just like ceramics.

Brandt, Rob
Brandt (The Netherlands) works in the area between serious art and kitsch and sometimes balances perilously on the edge.

Braunweiler, Ulla
is a German artist working in the tradition of raku (German language)

Brennon, Catherien
South African potter whose work has recently been acquired by Princess Maxima of the Netherlands.

British Potters Index
Mindboggingly comprehensive... brought to you by StudioPottery.co.uk.

Brozgold, Lee
Ceramic murals, public and private commissions in NY.

Brüggemann-Breckwoldt, Antje
German studio-potter making wheel-thrown and slab-built vessels with a course stoneware as well as large scale 2D works in clay.

Bures, Jiri
Painter, a sculptor and a designer. A whimsical, lighthearted theme runs through his work.

Burgos, Francesc
 An elegant site featuring shino platters, porcelain sake sets and sculptural work.

Burkhardt-Guallini, Angela
Swiss potter using the technique of Neriage.

Bütler Tanja
Keramik der besonderen Art... Handgetöpferte Keramik aus eigener Herstellung. Keine Massenproduktion, jedes Teil ist ein Unikat. Bei der künstlerischen Gestaltung unserer Figuren bevorzugen wir karikative aber auch naturalistische Motive.

Çaki, Muammer - Turkish Potter (1959-2000) Seramik Sergisi - Turkish only site.

Campo, Kris
Belgian ceramist. Site in dutch and english

Caraty, Denis
Amazing crystalline effects on porcelain by French potter Denis Caraty. Bilingual site in English and French.

Caro, Anthony
British sculptor working in steel and clay.

Carter, Stephen
Ceramic art with an African-American flavor.

Causey, Scott
Artist gallery, biography and reviews of ceramic sculpture artist Scott Causey. This gallery contains the glazed and sculpted ceramic animals, and wheel thrown vessels of the Sarasota Florida artist.

Cavener Stichter, Beth
Ceramic sculpture - a surrealist vision of the natural world.

Champy, Claude
French ceramic artist.

Champy, Nani
German/French ceramic artist.

Chango, Minerva
Minerva lives and works in Caracas, Venezuela. She exhibits and sells her work in local Art Galleries and in several American Galleries. She has also participated in International Ceramic Competitions, and continues participating in international and local events. She is a professor of ceramics at Instituto Universitario de Artes Visuales Armando Reveron.

Clarke, Cindy
Runs Out of the Fire Studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, together with Jim Willett, making wheel-thrown and slab-built functional and decorative stoneware.

The work of Robert E. Carlson and Marilee Hall.

Cocteau, Jean
Exhibitions, news and gallery of the ceramic work of Jean Cocteau - French & English.

Coelho, Kirsten
Work review by Stephen Bowers

Coffee, D. Michael
Functional and sculptural ceramics.

Coleman, Connie
Web page featuring the artist's functional stoneware.

Copley, Martin
British sculptor, photographer and designer.

Creutzfeldt, Maximiliane
German sculptor of torso and objects. Also offers art classes.

Crinson, Dominic
Is based in London and does ceramic sculpture and tiles and digital art work.

Dakan Arts what's this?
Beautiful ceramic samurai and native masks by David "Dakan" Allison. Hand painted and raqu fired.

Daly, Greg
Home page of International Australian ceramic artist. Depicits his work over 25 years plus articles.

de Beer, Liz
Biography and examples of african inspired clay art by artist Liz de Beer

de Clerk, Jeff and Lut
Belgian ceramics site in Dutch, French and English - mainly raku.

De Leeuw, Carine
Belgian ceramist making figurative sculpture.

de Ryck, Peter
The ceramic world of Peter De Ryck - Sculptural ceramics

Dietz, Rinske -- Atelier de Klokbeker
Dutch ceramic artist. One of a kind pieces, coiled, burnished and smoke-fired also works on paper: gouaches and acrylic paintings.

Dihl, Sandi what's this?
Exquisite ceramic design from Santa Cruz Ca.

Doner, Kristin
eight-pound pinchpot technique! From Oakland, California.

Dotter, David
Handmade, one of a kind decorative, functional and architectural ceramic pieces. The work utilizes a variety of firing techniques including cone 10 reduction, wood, salt, raku and pit firing.

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