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Dremann, C. Carlton
Makes vessels and other pottery with a special trade mark 'swirly' glaze.

Drysdale, Pippin
Drysdale’s work consistently reflects a plastic arts aesthetic formed through her many travels that weaves into itself the constant changes of Australia’s natural world. (Toshimichi Kuwayama).

Dutch Ceramists Association
(Ned. Vakgroep Keramisten)

Dyelle, Judi
’Chosin Pottery is owned and operated by ceramic artists Robin Hopper and Judi Dyelle. It is located 30 minutes from downtown Victoria, BC Canada.

Taiwanese ceramic artist's solo show.

Ebüzziya Siesbye, Alev
Turkish studio potter now living in France.

Eimeren, Eric Van
Functional ceramic art and pottery. Elaborate, sculptural serving pieces, teapots, cups, etc... one of a kind ceramic art works and functional pottery.

Ellam, Richard
New lacquered ceramics project.

Esson Merran
An Australian ceramist and teacher making hand-built sculptural vessels with characteristic Egyptian blue and green slips and ‘dry’ glazes.

Fenouil, Frederique
French studio potter making functional ware and sculpture. french language only.

Filippides, Sotis
Studio Ceramics in London. Interior design 3d art and craft ceramics - contemporary pottery. Gallery of clay art work - ceramic vases, pots and bowls, modern art for home interior decorating.

Fink, Peter
Swiss potter making domestic ware. Multi-lingual site.

Forsberg, Jennifer
Swedish ceramic sculptor, who uses forms, archetypes and pictograms to create visual poetry.

France Fauteux
A ceramic sculptor from Canada - animal scupltures and more. Bilingual in English and French.

Fraser, Simone
Simone is an Australian ceramist making wheel thrown and altered sculptural vessels. Her corrugated, layered surfaces are enhanced with slips, oxide washes, and finally a dry glaze.

French Butter Dish
The french butter dish is like a butter bell, also called french butter crock or watercooled butter crock. Invented in times without refrigerator, it keeps the butter fresh and spreadable! Multi-lingual site.

FJSAWORK means fujisawa's work.it is filled with soul of zen,in the installation by claywork,in the photo of japanese garden.

Frachet, Odile
As a ceramist she first worked in stoneware and porcelain. Over time, her construction in slabs of clay-molded, incesed, enameled and fired at high temperatures have evolved into sculptures...

Frenk, Jean-Louis what's this?
Gallery of Swiss ceramic artist Jean-Louis Frenk in NY. and school of ceramics, Brooklyn, NY.

Fritsch, Elizabeth
Architectural and essentially spiritual forms are explored in Elizabeth Fritsch's poetic, ceramic vessel structures.

Garessus, Joelle
Swiss potter from Neuchatel.

Garson, Shannon
specializes in thrown, decorated porcelain. Her aim is to create beautiful, useable objects of art through the synthesis of intricate decoration and simple, classic form. Shannon's studio is based in Maleny, a small rural township in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Gartside, Brian
Lives in rural Pukekohe, New Zealand, where he produces a unique, colorful range of domestic and decorative ware.

Gee, Tim
Thrown, highly translucent porcelain vessels, with shellac resist and water etched surfaces.

Geenen, Lut
Ceramic art, especially raku, from Lut Geenen's workshop in Turnhout/Belgium.

Gémessy Marijke
Ceramic sculptures & works in neon. Dutch language.

Germeraad, Gert
Funky sculptural heads - a series of portrait, character and figure studies based on drawings by other traditional artists.

Giuliano, Ricceri
Our production is handmade and totally realized in Impruneta, Florence Italy. We produce a complete line for the house, and we reply also one line of items born in the Medici period.

Goddard, Joanna
After graduation Jo worked to commission making tableware & transfer printed tiles, but in 1999 took a change of direction and looked to microbiology, inflatable toys & "organic style" Japanese architecture for inspiration. Since 2000 she has made abstract works. Check out the squeezy looking sculptures and see the "Killer Peanuts"!!

Godderidge, Philippe
French ceramist working in Torteval-Quesnay. Currently French only.

Goichman, Esti
Work for the “ Tribal Elements “ exhibition was inspired by tribal art and African culture.

Goldschmidt, Andy
Sculptural ceramics and a simple but nicely designed site.

Goodrich, Don
Lives in Zion, Illinois (halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee) and makes mostly electric-fired stoneware.

Gould, Teena
Teena's vessels or sculptures stem from her fascination with natural form, in both content and source. Like waves making patterns on the sand, each piece is unknown and largely unplanned. She works with a strong idea of the quality of the piece in hand, attempting to make the work as vivid and powerful as the creative process.

Graham, R. Janette
Handmade ceramic jewellery and china painting from the studio of an Australian porcelain artist. Designer earrings and brooches decorated with lustres, gold and fused glass.

Gregory, Ian
British figurative ceramic sculptor making large-scale raku and salt-glazed works.

Gugl, Siegfried & Mauko, Valerija what's this?
Artistic ceramics by Valerija Mauko & Siegfried Gugl. German language site. Kunstkeramik von den keramikkünstlern Valerija Mauko & Siegfried Gugl.

Guppy, Barry
A London based sculptural ceramacist who uses semi porcelain casting slip to create comtemporary and innovative ceramics.

Gursoy, Mehmet
Turkish studio potter. While being based on 16th Century art, his work brings to the contemporary world a unique interpretation of Iznik, rather than being an exact replica of that period.

Gusten, Chris what's this?
Sculptural ceramics and tiles. Chris is interested in pottery that makes connections to the human figure.

Guzman, Marilu
Originally from Bolivia, this potter now lives in Australia. She creates ceramic sculptures with a strong archeological feeling inspired in the Tiawanako, Inca and Maya cultures.

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