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PABU - Patricia Buchberger
Colorful and unique pieces potted & painted by Vienna artist.

Paikkari, Pekka
Design & ceramic sculpture from Finland

Pamela Irving
Pamela Irving's work skillfully appropriates famous painters and explores other themes as diverse as Mythology, Angels, Royalty and Animal Imagery.

Panagiota, Alexiou
A pottery workshop in Greece. Bilingual English/Greek.

Patton, Matt
This site showcases thrown and hand built ceramics fired to cone 11 in reduction. Of particular interest are the unusual glaze effects. Recipes are available on request.

Peascod, Alan -- The Multi-layered Spirit
Australian ceramist Alan Peascod speaks of his work and career as a professional artist.

Peleg Rina
Rina lives and works in New York. She is known for her 'woven' sculptures, using coiled clay.

Pepper, Karyn
Karen's work emerges expressively from the automatism of her subconscious mind,and is characterised by a balance between spontaneous gesture, continual control and decorative detail.

Peter Stephens
A gallery of pottery made by Peter Stephens while in Japan.

Pigtown Pottery
Potter Fred Cook, Cincinnati, Ohio with pictures of work. (At time of writing website still partially 'under construction').

Pillay , André
Handbuildt ceramics using coiled , slabbed and raku techniques.

Pine MIlls Pottery
Studio of ceramic artists Daphne Roehr Hatcher and Gary Hatcher located in the woodlands of Northeast Texas.

Polz, Daniela
German ceramic artist resident in Höhr-Grenzhausen. Polz makes delicate figurative and semi-figurative porcelain sculpture.

Potters for Peace
seek to build an independent, non-profit, international network of potters concerned with peace and justice issues, principally through interchanges involving potters of the (overdeveloped) North and (underdeveloped) South.

Potter, Shelley
Hand built one of a kind stoneware vessels.

Poulton, Irene
Raku fired ceramic figures and other sculptural objects.

Prack, Mary-Ann
works primarily in clay and metals to produce large scale abstract figurative sculpture in her own distinctive style.

Reece, Simon
An Australian Potter creating beautiful and engaging work.

Robbins, Rebecca
Sculptural ceramics from Canada by Rebecca Robbins

Rojas, Pilar
Her large unglazed forms are an exploration of geometry and its associations.

Rogers, Phil
Salt Glazed and reduction fired pottery from Mid Wales. Also, author of Ash Glazes, Throwing Pots and recently Salt Glazing.

Rolf, Johnny & Rooden, Jan de
When the two of us met in the autumn of 1956 and discovered that we both wanted to become potters, we could not have the remotest idea, that once our studio would have a window to the world. From the start we welcomed what came out of each other's hands. Onto what an inspiring ground we had stumbled, we understood only later.

Roos, Anima
Ceramics, 'naked' raku, 'porcelain by Anima Roos. She combines the symbolic function of objects with the concrete form in porcelain as well as raku.

Rosenberg, Jack
Studio potter from East Hampton, New York, working with in-glaze reduction lustres.

Rosenfeld, Martha
Ceramic sculpture by artist Martha Rosenfeld; provocative and engaging imagery, rich color pallette executed in cone 2 earthenware. Images, resume, artist's statement, contact information.

Rosser, Carol and Arthur
Deals with the ceramic activities of Carol and Arthur Rosser who use wood for firing their salt glaze and anagama kilns.

Rudd, Rick
This New Zealand potter is known for his hand-built, sculptural vessels with their characteristic, semi-matt black surfaces and his architectural water works.

Rudy Autio Contemporary Ceramic Collection
Comprises work by artists who use fired clay as a major medium. The collection, numbering more than 150 pieces, contains work executed since 1950.

Rynkiewicz, Iwo
Polish ceramist from Katowice. Bottles, bowls and sculpture.

Saka Kouraizaemon XII
Stems from a long line of traditional Japanese masters and makes traditional Japanese pottery.

Sarmiento, José Antonio
Spanish potter , who makes large scale, Japanese-inspired woodfired work in an Anagama kiln, as well as wheel-thrown tableware. English & Spanish.

All pieces at scarlettwares are original designs crafted with a functional sensibility by Scarlett Suhy-Pons. From deep soup bowls that keep your soups warm to vases that accentuate your floral arrangements, each piece is handcrafted using the coil and slab method and finished with glazes made in my studio.

Schlotz, Martin
German ceramist making wheel-thrown stoneware and porcelain. His 'Stracciatella' series are made from a mixture of French porcelain and lava.

Scott, Jan
Ceramic Artist and designer maker of contemporary tableware. Functional stonware vessels made by a Lancashire based potter in North West England, U.K.. Forms and colours are inspired by urban & rural landscapes.

Shao Ting-Ju what's this?
Shao Ting-Ju is a Taiwanese ceramist making narrative mixed-media installations, incorporating comical, hand-built multiples of the human figure and birds.

Shmueli, Israel
Potter making mugs and bathroom sinks in stoneware with an emphasis on decoration.

Setabundhu, Prinda what's this?
Ceramic and mixed media sculptures.

Sharon, Ababi
A potter living in Israel.

Shrope, Peter
Earthenware, stoneware and porcelain and mixed media sculpture.

Simair, Rod & Denise
Canadian potters making wheel-thrown vessels with crystalline glazes.

Smith, Angela
Weaves fabrik textures and stones into her Raku work.

Sondahl, Brad
Wheelthrown oxidation stoneware including recipes and tips for potters.

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