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Kainz, Gudrun
Austrian artist's web site Kerameia. Feature's pit-fired vessels and sculptural objects.

Keramiek Lut
Belgian ceramics site in Dutch, French and English - mainly raku.

Lolicato, Salvatori
Salvatori's work consists of raku fired body casts, including torsos and heads as well as sculptural pieces. Check out some of Salvatori's 'Black Firing' Tips & Tricks!

Lovejoy, Jon
Raku and pit-fired pottery and descriptions of processes.

Mathie Pottery
Raku by Christopher Mathie.

Mello, Ron
Fine art studio and gallery specializing in Raku and functional ceramics.

Mudslingers Pottery
For Lauren Bellero, there is immense pleasure, excitement and serenity in creating with clay. Her hope is to pass on a simple pleasure to those who also feel drawn to this ancient and inviting connection to the earth. Using a variety of decorating and firing techniques, she creates hand-built and wheel-thrown stoneware pottery with reckless abandon! The result is one-of-a-kind decorative and functional pieces. Located in Red Bank, NJ, USA.

Pots and Pixels
Contains albums of Shirley Cadmus' work in Raku and Pit-fired pottery, Raku demonstrations and resources. one album highlights the building of an Olsen Fast Fire kiln.

Poulton, Irene what's this?
Raku fired ceramic figures and other sculptural objects.

Raku Art Inc.
Raku Art Inc. is a ceramic manufacturer of raku fired ware.

Raku Museum
The Raku Museum in Kyoto, Japan, is a unique specialist museum of Raku wares with a collection of Raku pieces handed down by the Raku family, a ceramic dynasty of 450 years history.

Raku: Ancient Art of Firing
The firing technique of Raku originated some 400 years ago in Japan. The name, "Raku", first appeared in sixteenth century Japan and roughly translated it meant contentment, enjoyment, and pleasure. It was, and still is used among tea masters during the Zen Tea ceremony.

Raku Update
Help! Raku is taking over the Net! Well...not quite, but there sure is a lot of online raku art. This is all the more of an enigma, considering that you can't get much more low-tech than raku!

Roberts, David
English Potter, has established himself as a leading international practioner in Raku ceramics.

Rocky Raku Kiln
Kiln plans and building hints for a cheap, non-commercial alternative raku kiln.(Site works best with Internet Explorer.)

Smith, Angela
'The Elements' shows an interesting approach. She has represented the four elements in a raku context.

Tennis, Chris
Pottery on the Hill - hand thrown raku vessels, urns and plates. Raku pottery.

Vrancken, Dirk
A Belgian Ceramist living and working in Rio de Janeiro.

Weber, Mark
Figurative sculptures created from lifecastings, bas
relief figurative sculpture and geometric shaped objects that are all
raku fired are presented by the artist

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