Raku Update

Dateline: 09/08/97

Help! Raku is taking over the Net! Well...not quite, but there sure is a lot of online raku art. This is all the more of an enigma, considering that you can't get much more low tech than raku! (Unless you'd like to consider pit-firing).

Building on the previous Ceramics Today feature on Raku, here's an update of new raku pages on the Web.

Robert E. Carlsons site is professionally crafted and features his excellent raku vessels, basket forms and other objects. Salvatori Lolicatos new work consists of raku fired body casts, including torsos and heads, a departure from his earlier work, which was of a more 'interactive' and erotic nature.

Byron Myricks Wonderful World of Raku consists of his 'Three Legged Quilted Pots'. These also make use of geometric patterns, but in quite a different way. His site also features other raku work, such as the 'Teapot Effigy' series.

The thousands of years old tradition of raku seems a contrast to our high-tech age of space exploration and information technology, but perhaps just because of its down-to-earth, low-tech features, it's here to stay.

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