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Laguna Clay
Laguna Clay is a major US supplier of clays, raw materials, refractories, glazes, accessories and more. They are also importers and distributers of Southern Ice porcelain.

A Spanish supplier of hobby, ceramic suplies, glazes, pigments decoration, lusters, en Manises...

For the best in Lifecasting Kits, supplies, books, videos and resources...

LilyPond Products
Ceramic Slip Casting Equipment, Fresno, CA 93711.

Marie's Ceramics
Ceramic supplies from start to finsh, paints, bisque,
molds brushes.

Mayco Colors
This site is organized by user interest groups to give general ceramic data and information on Mayco Colors' products.

German manufacturer of porcelain and other ceramics - with a tradition -- Germany

Hand crafted ceramic sinks, tiles, address stones, tin brass mirrors and more.

Mile Hi Ceramics
A complete pottery and ceramic supplier, manufacturer of 30 clay bodies, kilns, potters wheels, glazes, glaze chemicals, Amaco, Duncan, tools, brushes and more.

Mud In Mind
Discount Pottery and Ceramic Supplies. Wheels, Stools, Tools and much more at low low prices. Call 1-619-729-7889 for customer service.

National Artcraft
50+ year old mail order company wholesaling components which are used in the assembly and finishing of hobby ceramics, pottery, gift-making, woodworking and other handmade crafts. We also offer studio supplies such as brushes, tools, easels, banding wheels, potters wheels etc.

Original Ceramic On-Line
Czech-based ceramic for practical and decorative use. We offer kitchen
ceramic, tea sets, bowls, mugs, pipes and much more. Bilingual Czech-English.

PMS Enterprises
Wholesale & Retail Quality Ceramic Bisque ready to paint.

Pottery Pagoda
Offers a large selection of high quality bisque, painting supplies, color products, and is a distributor of major kiln brands. Located in the Great North Woods region of Northern New Hampshire, USA.

Pottery wheels, kilns, extruders, slab rollers, pug mills, and more; secure on-line ordering. Reno, Nevada U.S.A.

Prairie Ceramics Corporation
industrial ceramics as consumer products

Precious Metal Clay PMC+™
PMC™ is a clay like substance that is made of pure gold or silver, it is mixed with a binder and a plasticizer to make it act and feel like clay.

Rio Grande Bisque Company
Molds, Etc. An established business with over 20 years of experience in the Ceramic Industry.

World reknown German manufacturer of fine china -- Germany

Santa Fe Clay Ceramic Art Center
Santa Fe Clay is the Southwest's only complete Ceramic Art Center, offering classes, workshops, studio rental, supplies and gallery space.

Bussines dedicated to provide machinery and spare parts for ceramic industries - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

French pottery supplier 175 km from Paris. With its foundations firmly embedded in clay, the wooded countryside of the Puisaye was inevitably to become "potters' country". Bilingual French-English.

Some Kind of Store
Ceramic Bisque Greenware

Skutt Ceramics
Manufacturers of kilns for ceramics and glass.

STARworks Ceramics
Clays, glaze and clay materials, pottery tools, Orton cones, researching and supply local NC clays. Distributor of: Highwater clays.

Stoneware Bisque
Stoneware bisque ready to paint.

SVD Company
Specialize in producing of ceramic items. Export goods of Ukrainian manufacture: decorative, interiors, art, landscape and household. Ceramic vases, pots, utensils, aroma-lamps, souvenirs, etc.

Tara Productions
A range of high-quality instructional videos for potters at all levels.

Teddy Bear Molds
Manufacturing Quality ceramic molds for the hobby ceramic industry.

The Kiln Elements Company
Replacement elements for electric kilns (at 30% off retail prices).

Toscana Ceramics.com
direct importers of exquisite handpainted Italian Ceramics from the Tuscan and Umbrian Regions of Italy.

Zedd Ltd.
Retailer and wholesaler of decorative hand painted ceramic items - vases, bowls, plates. Besides ceramics, we offer you a interesting and beautiful selection of mouth blown glass vases and silver plated glass decanters, mugs, goblets and champagne flutes.


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