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An Introduction to Danish Ceramics and Potters V

Kongstrands Pottery, Esberg (1907-1919)

Map of Denmark

Soeren Kongstrand (1872-1951) was a succesful hardware dealer with a great interest in ceramics. As selftaught potter he opened a pottery in 1907. A good many professional potters were employed. Soeren Kongstrand simply had to try-out his ideas about ceramic production. Also his nephew Jens Pedersen (1890-1956) was employed and trained by the potters. Kongstrand & Pedersen worked together at Kongstrands Potteri, with Soeren Kongstrand supplying the 'vision' and creativity and Jens Pedersen as the hard working Potter.

Jens Pedersen sculptureSoeren Kongstrand copper glaze vase 1911

In 1911 the Kongstrans Potteri had its breakthrough at "the Charlottenburg Exhibition".

Jens Pedersen copper glazed polar bearKongstrand Polarexplorers Mylius Erichsen 1910

Pressmarks: SK (Soeren Kongstrand) JP (Jens Pedersen)

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Article kindly supplied by Tove Jespersen Klitgaarden Antique & Ceramics, Denmark. www.Klitgaarden.net e-mail: Klitgaarden@tdcadsl.dk


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