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An Introduction to Danish Ceramics and Potters III

Soeholm, Roenne on Bornholm (1835-1996)

Map of Denmark

SøhoelmSøhoelm is the oldest ceramic factory on Bornholm. The factory was founded by Herman Sonne Wolffsen and Edvard Christian Sonne in 1835, but from 1841 Wolffsen took over by alone. At the beginning the production was fience, yellowware, pots, bowls and dishes. During the 2nd world war they produced pipes (for tobacco). Today only very few of those pipes has survived. In the 1930th, 40th and 50th dinner service (with motifs from Bornholm) was produced, most of it by NielsStougaard (1906-87).

Søhoelm Pudding FormSøhoelm TeapotSøhoelm Jug

A variety of different artists worked at Søholm:

  • Hans Ancher Wolffsen (1870-1924 grandson of Herman Sonne Wolffsen )
  • Noomi Backhausen (1938-)
  • Henning Seidelin ( 1904-87)
  • Maria Phillippi
  • Johannes Hedegaard (1915-)
  • Nana Ditzel (1923-)
  • Haico Nitzsche (1943-)
  • Per Rehfeldt (1951-) amongst others

Søhoelm MarkToday Søholm stoneware design is a big collector's item for retro devotees.
No marks were used at the beginning. From 1910 feet were marked with a crown and a ship, however, most items were only marked 'Søholm'. A few items were marked 'H. Wolffsen & Son' (from about 1903 to 1915).

The Søholm factory closed in 1996.

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Article kindly supplied by Tove Jespersen Klitgaarden Antique & Ceramics, Denmark. www.Klitgaarden.net e-mail: Klitgaarden@tdcadsl.dk

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