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Prue Venables
Australian Porcelain Artist

Porcelain vessel by Prue VenablesPrue Venables was born in Britain. she first arrived in Australia as a child in 1956. She returned to the UK in 1976, studying ceramics at the University of Westminster, Harrow from 1981-1983 as well as taking some courses at the North Staffordshire Polytechnic and the Central School of Art and Design. Between 1977-84 she worked as an assistant to various studio potters including Daphne Carnegy.

Porcelain vessel by Prue Venables

Venables established her own studio in London in 1983, where she worked until 1989. That same year, she returned to Australia, where she received an MA from RMIT University in 1995. She won first prize at the prestigious Fletcher Challenge Award in 1995 and third prize at the Jan Ken Pon World Design competition in Japan in 2003.

Venables has become known for her minimalist, wheel-thrown and altered porcelain vessels. Her latest body of work, recently shown at Christine Abrahams Gallery in Melbourne, consists of small groups of vessels that reinterpret common domestic items, such as funnels and strainers. Her 'utensils' are at the same time robust and delicate.

Photography by Terence Bogue.

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