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Uraguchi Masayuki
Japanese Celadon Master.

Uraguchi Masayuki was born in Tokyo, 1964. He studied ceramics at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music learning the secrets of celadon with Living National Treasure Miura Koheiji. He established his kiln in 1991 and has since become on of the 'stars of celadon' in Japan. Works have been shown at the Japan Ceramic Art exhibition, Asahi Ceramic Art exhibition, and the Japanese Traditional Arts and Crafts exhibition; all are juried exhibitions. One man shows have been at Japan's most prestigious galleries including Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya, Fujinoya, and Tenmaya, amongst others.

Uraguchi's forms run from the traditional to his own designs. Celadon is widely considered to be one, if not the most, difficult of yakimono to produce, as the glaze is fickle and the loss-rate per kiln is incredibly high. However, celadon's deep and rare elegance is a key reason why the Chinese emperors of old emphatically cherished Seiji (celadon). Uraguchi's works not only exhibit a sharp sense of form, his many experiments in glazes have produced new and unique celadon glazes that are authentically Uraguchi's. Miruji, Kokusho, Kokuyosai; his original Seiji is propelling the art of celadon into new heights.

Text and images courtesy of Robert Yellin, e-yakimono.net.

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