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Olaf Stevens
Dutch glass and ceramic designer.

Vanitas PotOlaf Stevens is a Dutch ceramist, glass maker, designer and teacher based in the historical town of Gorinchem. He has designed glass and porcelain works for Rosenthal and other companies while also making one-of-a-kind pieces, either monochrome or embellished with abstract graphic designs. His thick-walled porcelain vessels are brightly glazed, and sometimes finished with luster.

Yellow Porcelain Bowl

Olaf's work can be divided into two parts. One is focussed on only material & form and mostly monochrome (Yellow Porcelain Bowl, above). The other works deal with form & material with a very strong focus on the surface graphics (Vanitas Pot, top left). They are sometimes anecdotal but mostly abstract. (Red & Gold Bowl, left).

Olaf teaches ceramic and glass design at the Design Academy of Eindhoven.

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