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Matsui Kosei
Japanese Master of Neriage

Kosei Matsui, 2000Matsui Kosei is a master of Neriage, a time-consuming technique, whereby different colored clays are mixed, rolled out, cut and reassembled.

Matsui was born in 1927 and started his studies in ceramics in 1946. In 1957, he became a priest at the Getsusoji Temple, where in 1960 he built a kiln so he could research traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean ceramics.

Matsui subsequently became famous for his neriage wares, which are based on a technique from the Tang Dynasty ( 8th C China). In 1993, he was declared a Living National Treasure. Since 1993, he has also been a permananent member of the steering committee of the Ceramic Society of Japan . His son Koyo Matsui, started an apprenticeship with his father in 1985 and, carrying on the tradition, has himself become an accomplished practitioner of neriage.

Kosei Matsui, 2000

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