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Featured Artist

Rockwell Kent
American Art Deco artist

Coffee pot by Rockwell Kent, probably featuring the Oakland Bridge New York artist Rockwell Kent (1882-1971), a printmaker and illustrator, was hired by Californian company Vernon Kilns in the late 1930's to make designs for ceramic wares in series such as 'Our America' and 'Early California'. These designs featured illustrations of many of America’s diverse icons, such as the Oakland Bridge (main image, left). Kent also wrote a bestseller, A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska, which was published in 1920.

Portrait of Rockwell Kent Somewhat typical of the style of the era, Kent's imagery bears a striking resemblance to German Jugendstil or Soviet agit-prop pottery. During the McCarthy-era of the 1950’s, Kent was actually suspected of being a Communist. However, in contrast to the ceramics of the then Soviet political adversary, Kent's imagery elevated American technology, the American Way of Life and the American worker to hero status. Vernonwares in Sunset magazine


New York City Farm scene


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