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Aline Favre
Swiss studio potter

Aline Favre - click me!Aline Favre is a Swiss ceramic artist. She studied in Geneva at the School of Decorative Arts from 1949-1953. She taught at the Academy of Fine Art from 1960-1965 and at the School of Decorative Arts from 1965-1990.

In 1978 she was awarded a gold medal in Faenza in collaboration with Florent Zeller. Aline Favre is known for her abstract sculpture, combining rough black stoneware with fine white porcelain. Her sculpture is abstract, but displays a fine, appealing sensibility for harmony of form and a balanced dichotomy between the two poles of coarse black stoneware and white porcelain.

Her work has gained international recognition and can be found in various public museums and galleries in Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Japan. She is represented in Switzerland by Objekta Galerie.

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"In my work, I like creating dialogs. White, pure and delicate porcelain is confronted to other materials as raw and black stonewares, very "chamottés" (grogged [ed.]). Their specific languages allow me to play with and to fit them together into space. Oppositions are made of light and heavy, delicate and raw, white and black. Fire reveals their particularities mixing tightness, collapse, tearing. As life, with its succession of memories and emotions, I carry on the dialog".

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