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Robert Compton
American studio potter

Salt-glazedRobert Compton is a versatile American potter from Bristol, Vermont.

Compton was awarded a BA from the University of Vermont in 1972 and also worked under George Scatchard and Hideo Okino.

He makes wheel-thrown, wood-fired and salt-glazed stoneware as well as raku and pit-fired work. Compton has also been involved in various architectural commissions. In recent times, he. has been making large vessels (up to 4 feet/1.3 meters) and other one-of-a-kind pieces. His most recent kiln is 250 cubic foot noborigama.


Wood-firedHis website also features a section where you can learn about salt-glazing, pit-firing, wood-firing, raku, gas-firing, water sculptures and the potters wheel. At his Bristol studio, Compton also conducts regular workshops. This season, workshops on Throwing Giant Pots, Altering Thrown Pots and Wood-firing & Salt-glazing are on offer.

Compton's wife Christine is also an artist, who since 1984 has been a self employed weaver, producing her own line of rayon chenille scarves and shawls.

The above links go directly to sub-pages on Robert's website. To access the full site, including navigation bar, please go to http://robertcomptonpottery.com. Images courtesy Robert Compton.

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