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Featured Artist  

Susana Beibe
Argentinian ceramist.


Argentinian ceramist Susana Beibe studied at the National School of Ceramics from 1966-69 and worked in the studios of ceramist Leo Tavella, sculptors Aurelio Machi and Leo Vinci (b. 1931) and the painter Juan Carlos Distéfano (b. 1933).

She makes stylised figurative sculpture, including torsos and heads, and narrative wall murals and plaques. Her figurative sculpture displays an influence of cubism, while in her ‘Wall’ series, barely discernable human figures appear to merge from the clay.

Artist's Statement

The recurring theme of my work is the human being and his destiny, the search for identity in a world bent on denying it. The various series that I have carried out symbolize fragmented man's search for a place in the world. These heads are witnesses, always on guard and vigilant, always remembering their origins and roots. Fragmented heads become a whole, and show their surprising feelings of fear and trepidation, but also sensitivity and wakefulness - feelings that help to find the path that all human beings tread, dicovering their transience, their place. Heads that point to times experienced in my country of tragedies and persecutions and that help us to work through their memory, leaving behind the pain of so much injured humanity - this search will reveal the mystery of our times and the encounter with the 'new man'. Susana's website: http://www.susanabeibe.com.ar.

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