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Khaled Ben Slimane
Tunisian studio potter

Tunisian studio potter and painter Khaled Ben Slimane (b. 1951) studied in Tunisia, Japan and Spain, where he graduated from the Massana School of Art and Design in Barcelona in 1979. He is an instructor at the National Ceramics Centre in Tunis. His pottery is inspired by Andalusian themes and the Berber traditions of Sejenane and Jerba.

Khaled Ben SlimaneIn 2002 he received the Grand Prize for Ceramics awarded by the Italian ceramic centre Vietri Sul Mare. He was artist-in-residence in Seto, Japan in 2004–05. His works make use of the cylinder, cube and cone forms and are decorated with traditional North African and Roman motifs and Islamic calligraphy, mostly with the four basic colours, symbolising earth, fire, air and water.

His awards include the Grand Prize in Vietri sul Mare, Italy in 2002 and the National Culture Prize in Tunis in 2002 and 2004.


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