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Ceramic Tiles on the Web

Ceramic Art finds expressions not only in vessels and sculpture, but also in other forms, such as ceramic tiles. No, not just your plain white kitchen tiles, but tiles that have been decorated artistically using ceramic pigments. This tradition goes a long way back. Delft was and still is a very well known tile producing center in Holland, famous for its blue & white tiles, with their scenes of everyday life. Contemporary ceramic artists also acknowledge the potential of the flat tile surface as a 'canvas' to paint on. The fired product becomes a durable item which can be used in the household or in a more decorative way.

The Tiles on the Web site is a good starting point for info on tiles on the Net. This site features a Gallery with works of 8 tile artists (see image), Technical Information on how to make and decorate tiles and even a classifieds section .

For books on tiles check out the Tilers' Bookshelf or Reviews of Selected Books & Videos.

Check out the Tile Heritage Foundation, Training for Tilers and the Friends of Terra Cotta. In Europe have a look at Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society and the European Ceramic Tiles Circle. Last but not least, don't forget to check out more links to tile sites across the globe!

Tiles are an everyday occurrence in our lives, sometimes so much that we don't take much notice. But as a platform for decoration, tiles offer their humble surface for us to make new objects of beauty.

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